Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Organization, Clutter, and Hemingways

What does organization have to do with martini's at Hemingway's? Well - - - I have this personality quirk. I am never at peace to have fun or do something enjoyable like paint or read or play unless "my work is done." The work consists usually of a serene, clean living space. If I have ten thousand errands to run - well, that is not included in my procrastination guilt.
I have tried bigger houses. If they are REALLY big, like the wonderful two story house with walk in attic I lived in in Iowa once, it's easy. But then I did not have much then either. Moving up from a small apartment to this house - I thought I had all the room of a magic kingdom. But, no, it is packed full. Yes, I am frustrated. And I have sorted and dispersed of a lot of STUFF in the last year. But not enough.
Looking at my super organized friend, I realize that her income level allows her to purchase the perfect storage solutions. Aside from that, she tells me she is merciless in getting rid of clutter. Unfortunately the other people that also occupy this space doin't want me messing with their "stuff." Heck, I can barely mess with my own "stuff."
It usually goes like this. I straighten the place up. Someone brings more in and stacks it up - usually it is thrown on the surfaces in the kitchen as the kitchen is the front part of the house. This is a thrice daily cleanup. Every surface in my house is covered with clutter. Some of it useful clutter - there are three categories really - useful clutter that I have no storage for, trash clutter, and in between where one can't really decide what kind of clutter it is.
When I went to Wyoming - I bought a few things and relaxed with a big sigh! No clutter. I created a lovely, sunny restful space. Devoid of people, true - so is the trade off worth it? I don't know. Probably not. But then, my mother, with her generous heart began to get knick knacks, kitchen ware, etc., etc. from the used stores and as lovely as her gifts were, I didn't NEED them, but I have no boundaries so I accepted them. And my "H" began to send me books, etc. Media clutter. My place became another paragon of clutter. Surely there is a self help group somewhere for people who are cluttered to death by love? I'm sure there is some weird psychological thing going on here.
So what do martini's and Hemingway's have to do with this? Escape, wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable escape. And I don't feel a bit guilty after one martini.
So, what I am doing now is closing down this post and uncluttering my study as much as possible, not thinking of what I HAVE to do, but just doing something. Thank you, self, for inspiration to declutter. To the best of my resources anyway.
By the way, Hemingways makes the BEST margarita with Grand Marnier and they are HUGE - and exquisite.
Hemingways is right on the Gulf - soundside, and has a fabulous view - it's large, but intimate, fun, and honors of course, the author, Ernest Hemingway - whose work I love. The food is reasonably priced and exquisite. It was packed as was the Boardwalk from which the Blues were being sung and hundreds of people were out walking around, enjoying the Gulf Coast beauty. Still, we were all aware of the water so cruelly poisoned.
Still, for a while, I forgot about my war with clutter.


tweetey30 said...

I always have somethitng stacked up somewhere and no place to go with it.. I finally put everyting on the desk yesterday in a box and put the dang thing under the desk..

punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

I can only stand clutter for so long and then I will either have an attack of claustrohobia or anxiety..I could really live in a moslty empty house, I guess I would make either a good minimalist or hermit. The point is you have my sympathy...mr. punxxi likes "stuff". I donate as much as I can to Salvation Army, but it never seems to go all the way away.

Wandering Coyote said...

Have you ever watched that show called "Hoarders?" Now THAT is serious clutter and a half! The room in this picture looks really nice, though.

tshsmom said...

LOL, same problem here! My guys always wonder why I don't lay down to nap when I'm tired. I don't dare! They'd pile me full of clutter, just like every other horizontal surface in our house!

Candy Minx said...

Ummm,,,margerita's yum...martini's...

S.M. Elliott said...

I'm a compulsive clutterbuster too. Have to have a place for everything and everything in its place for my mind to be at peace and productivity at its peak! I just finished a summer cleaing/reorganization for that very reason. The one thing I like about living in a tiny condo is it forces me to be even more organized and efficient.

Enjoy those martinis!

Milla said...

I've said it once but I'm gonna say it again:


As for clutter: I keep everything. But I clear things out once or twice a year, when I feel particularly pissed off at something (or someone, generally Zorro): I recommend this!