Friday, January 02, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhh - after Christmas holidays zombie-ism has attacked me. I am almost comatose today. I worked six hours cleaning the kitchen yesterday, much of it on my hands and knees on the floor working on baseboards, floor, cabinets - microwave got it too, but this morning when I opened it and found that someone's tomato based concoction exploded and they had walked away leaving the next person to clean it up, I wanted to "rampage." But the rest is clean. Anyway for the next few days. Bathrooms are next, and the plans for living lay stretched out in front of me like an impossible triathlon.

Strength will come back - my toes cry for a pedicure - a facial would be nice too - I heard a rumor that zombie-ism can be reversed with the right kind of pampering. Or at least if I perked up a tiny bit I would possibly find myself appealing to another zombie who would love to rampage......when my strength comes back.


punxxi said...

a nice massage always helps! we undecorated the house and i cleaned it the day after christmas because it was to rainy to do anything else and i never allow people to buy me stuff that i would have to return!we didn't get into zombie-ism because for the last 2 years our presents to each other is a trip south to see our son and granddaughter, so there is no after the extravaganza let down.

tweetey30 said...

I hate when I just cleaned the kitchen and some one spill something and doesnt say something and I step in it..

tshsmom said...

Rampage away; you're justified!

The daily tasks of life are rather daunting right now, aren't they? :(

Babe said...

I never allow myself to get caught up in the whole "christmas-spirit" thing,so that there is never that post let down stuff.
I tend to celebrate on a daily basis!
Have been away from your blog lately and am trying to catch up.
Love your picture from a few dayz ago!!!
You are so a beautiful lady!
I have a tip for you if the Wal-Mart hair products are not doing the trick.
I have very long hair and what I do is to put OLIVE OIL in it.
You can do it as a hot oil treatment and then wash it out.
Do this about once a month.
Also,I use a tiny bit in my hair every day.
You will be surprised at the results!
Happy 2009.....

Gardenia said...

Coooool - I will try to olive oil -
Everyone has left the house - woooo hoooo - alone, at last......should I take a nap? go to a grown up movie? shop and use my gift certificates? what to do, what to do - hedonism sounds good - like a long slow martini and food - - - -

thanks for compliments..too, can always use as the years tick away, LOL!