Saturday, January 17, 2009


I may have used this image before, but if I have, sorry. Things have been a bit wild. All to do with family. Precious they be.

I went to Mobile to see M. and kids before granddaughter has surgery this coming Thursday to get rods removed from her back, so my posting, etc., might be rather skimpy until its over and things settle back down as we will be going back down there this coming week. I have to switch out magnetics from grandson's bed and make granddaughter a healing nest so she can heal more quickly. I may even download the series ("Twighlight") and loan her my Zune for recovery. She probably won't feel like doing hardly anything for a while.

Have also stuck some business calls and demonstrations in between as well as visited my doctor Lovely. I have tried to get into regular doc for a very painful lump on the side of my hand and he wanted to refer me to orthopedic doctor and that seemed to die on the vine, so I'll put that on hold until the surgery is out of the way.

Started being rigid on body wellness program going for those last pounds to leave my body. It'll be a challenge with all that is going on.

It is soooo cold here for Florida - 20 degree F. last night - and I left my coat in Mobile, darn. I'm digging out some warm sweaters - and layers - "H" and I are going to see Clint Eastwood's new movie tonight since we are childless. Youngest grandchild came after school yesterday until this a.m. I tried a new recipe for beignets today and it worked!!!! Here it is:

One can of buttermilk biscuits (easy, huh?)
Divide in half, roll out halves, cut in four sections like a pie
Drop in hot oil (I used olive oil) and fry until done - I found I had to turn down the heat and fry slowly to get the inside done -
Drain on paper towels and then sprinkle with powdered sugar - -

then.... put on some Zydeco and pretend you are in New Orleans for a little while! No, I didn't eat any - only a bite to see if this shortcut beignet thing worked - it does!


The Preacherman said...

keyboard drool!!!!

So the rods are coming out? Jax has to keep her's for life. Still it means she'll never have any probs.

Gardenia said...

I don't know if they did a very good job with the insertion, Preacherman.

tweetey30 said...

Glad to hear she is getting some relief from all that pain she was in a while back. Hopefully it will be for good that she has no more pain.. those things you mentioned sound so yummy...

Candy Minx said...

Hi, stick with it and take care of your self.

I am trying to break a weight plattaeu also. I have even been experiemnting with strange recipes. I used some organic purreed pumkin stuff left over from Thanksgiving to make a soup. It is kind of pungent...but it's low in calories and high in fiber. That has to be good right? ha ha!

I hope your daughter is doing well and feeling lots better.

Hang in there kid!!!!

Cherie said...

Best wishes to your daughter! She's blessed to have you.

How was Gran Tornio? Tom's been wanting to see it.

My mom used to make what she called doughnut holes using the recipe you shared. She rolled hers in butter, then a cinnamon/sugar mixture. She'd make them when we went camping. Thanks for bringing back excellent memories.

Good luck to you on your last few pounds, Gardenia! I'm on the other end from you - just getting started. You inspire!