Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gimme Your Money

The latest beggar:

Citigroup, recipient of another $45 billion, made the opposite call. While trying to keep a low profile, the company is still fielding an army of Washington lobbyists working on a host of issues, including the bailout. In the fourth quarter, it spent $1.77 million on lobbying fees, according to its lobbyists’ filings.

These banks are griping my butt. Yep, crude language, but DANG! So far no one has proved that the last "bailout" using our tax dollars benefited any hurting homeowner. In fact, we are being told that the banks don't know where the money went, that their accounting systems just absorbed the money. Other reports include executive bonuses and offices being remodeled. That makes me mad. Now, $1.77 million of lobbyist fees? Fightin' mad. So I'm writing anyone that goes to Washington that I can find email addresses for.

Yep, I am.

Next, I am not sure about appointment of Geitner to oversee our tax system - not when he makes "innocent mistakes" - forgets to report wages he paid to housekeepers and forgets to pay his own taxes for four years. I really was hoping for someone who could count better than me.

Ah well.


tweetey30 said...

That is scary isnt it?? Yikes.. That is alot of money to not know where its gone or going for that matter.

tshsmom said...

Bailed-out banks also hosted an inaugural ball with OUR money!

Obama has already started tightening up on lobbyists, so the banks'(our) money is probably wasted on that.

The original bail-out bill called for a committee to oversee and report on how the money is spent. Congress has yet to appoint a committee and the first reporting deadline has already passed!

Many employers are now checking the credit records of their prospective employees. If their finances are a mess, the employer doesn't want them. Shouldn't we do the same in our gov't?

The Preacherman said...

Gimme a bank and I guarentee the money won't be wasted.

Vodka, beer, curry. How could that be defined a waste eh?

Be a good banker me....