Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcoming the Sun

Haven't slowed down except to wait in the warm sun at grandson's school with my audio book waiting for him to get out.

It's a balmy 73 degrees F and the birds are happy - so happy and I'm feeling a deep quiet passion as this sun soaks me in its warmth....

I'm regaining a lost art, left behind many, many years ago. That of sitting. Being grounded, bare feet on ground feeling blades of grass, hearing nature, trees rustling...am I finally slowing the mad race of life?

Sitting in the sun on the porch listening to birds talking - don't know what they are saying but is giving me great peace....kitty sitting at my feet (probably wishing she had one for a snack) - - contemplating stages of life and ebb and flow while practicing letting past go.....ah ha - she has just spied a bird and is lumbering off after it - poor thing has an eating disorder and is rather portly.

Thanks for sharing my golden moment. Now time to fix grandson dinner and get him off to Boy Scouts - I have to stay in there with him, that will be interesting.

Take heart, I think the birds are saying - "Soon, soon, let's gather and head north!" I shopped for bathing suits over the internet today - - - thinking of the beach - - -


tweetey30 said...

I am sick of winter I will trade you weather for a while. Its been below zero here for at least four days and I worked all four days.. LOL.. I want the 73 degrees to run around in shorts and t-shirt..

tshsmom said...

I bond with nature like that a lot. There's nothing better for releasing stress. I actually do know what the chickadees are saying to me...they're so easy to read. ;)


Biddie said...

I swear, I was here just yesterday and left a comment.
Must have been in my head :)
I am glad to hear that your lil girl is doing well. What a scary thing...I hate when kids are in the hospital.
I would love to have oranges in my yard. That would be glourious!
I am waiting for spring to arrive here. I miss sitting out in the sun, on my front porch....

Milla said...

Spring! Spring is almost with us!

I feel like you Gardenia: waiting for the sun adn the light of the new season -not the heat, but the light. The garden becomes alive again, the birds are heard more, even Pisko is more vocal. Spring!!