Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day Two of Exhaustion

Woo hoo - what a Christmas. I am still exhuasted. Think I've picked up a wee bug - chest hurts, coughing a bit and experiencing the ol' I can't move my body thing.

The big shiny thing? Oh, it's a Christmas present from "H." I call it "The Hershey." That's because it is the size of a giant Hershey chocolate bar. It's actually a super size TV remote. This is supposed to be some king of funny joke. Or is it a sublime message that "H" is tired of tearing the bedroom apart looking for the remote to the TV? Oh, his mysterious ways of communicating. Just joking - everyone, including me got a big laugh about it - AND, guess what? It is just down right handy - - I haven't lost it, not once. The only bad thing is - - - I keep thinking of chocolate Hershey bars.

Goal today - go to Walmart - check out sales on ornaments. Come home. Make plans to accomplish what I want to do this year. A road map to resolution! Revolutionary resolutions!

Then maybe climb back in bed - finished the John Grisham book, "The Painted House" that is lying across my belly in the photo. I hope to finish "The Shack" this evening.

Maybe I'll be energetic tomorrow.


tweetey30 said...

Those two books sound interesting.. Hope you are getting some rest. Talk soon.

Babe said... feeling it,myself!
The Giant remote is just way too cool.
I simply MUST get one.
I surely hope and pray that you are feeling much better very soon.

tshsmom said...

Our K-Mart has an even larger remote. I keep threatening to buy it if Z loses our remote in the couch cushions one more time!

Biddie said...

Oh, I was going to get one of those for our house. The last time that we lost our remote it was gone for almost a year. (We thought that it may have gotten thrown out when we replaced the carpet).
By the time I found it, it was broken. I figure that not even I could lose that monster!
I hope that you are feeling better. A good book and lots of rest sounds about right :)

The Manic Street Preacher said...

absolutely shattered over here.

You look after yourself and your Hershey bar!

Happy New Year babe x

Candy Minx said...

Sometimes you just need to lay low. a cicada then up and more energy. I think it's great to veg out, watch soe movies and hthen usually....feel all refreshed.

I hope lousy symptoms go away fast...and no need to jump up...keep watching movies! It's good to relax!