Friday, June 16, 2006


Just came home from work. FRIDAY!!!!! Whooooooo, huh, huh, huh! Put on jammie pants, a warm sweater -oh my Florida friends be envious. I have 4 movies to watch, a fire-baked spinach and mushroom pizza to eat, Elix-r tonics to drink, my Tassimo is ready to go for Latte or Cappuchino.

Busy week. Shaking in my boots anticipating next week and presenting the PRESCRIPTION PLAN to the Commissioners. But that is on Planet Politico and I don't have to deal with that until next week. (Their idea in the first place, so why are they so cranky, but trying to present to a Commissioner who keeps talking over the top of you is tough. Yah, he IS rude.) And not funny, not outrageously, wonderfully, wackily, talented rude like others I might know and appreciate, but ornery rude.

Came to blog first thing after work, I am being blessed by an eclectic bunch of blog friends. 4dinners, you are brilliant - we have made a major discovery for science here - about how rocks are made. And I very nearly caught them in the act itself. Verrrrrrrrrrry interesting. And pupp-aaaaaaaaaa......what a poet and arteest! My cousin is soon joining Blogland to add an even more eclectic mix! Then there is beautiful Hattigrace, and our brilliant PHd striving student.......I will do my best to add all of you to my menu, hopefully menu won't go to the bottom again to join Sponge Bob for several weeks.


d34dpuppy said...

i got u on my 1 but it is alwasy at that end of tha page i dunno how 2 move it up happy weekend


Ta babe. Rock on!!