Thursday, June 22, 2006

God's Present

Coming back from Elk Mountain last night, a sunset like I'd never seen in my lifetime unfolded before our eyes.

Rain-laden clouds of apricot, oranges, cerulean blue, grayish purple, white puffs and twirls melting, pulled downward by fresh summer rain into the horizon as a golden ball sank lower and lower.

The mountains in the background were silent witnesses as well as participants in God's lavish evening painting. Wow!

I attempted a digital re-creation as I did not have my camera with me. From now on, where I go, the camera goes.


LWords said...

Ahhhh!! Elk Mountain!! I had forgotten what a beautiful place it was. Has it grown or remained about the same? :-)

Hattigrace said...

Cool digital recreation! You are so talented.