Monday, June 12, 2006

Owls Discovered

I found them, I found them!!!!! Three baby owls out of the four. Mamma was apparently hiding somewhere. The little fellows are painted by nature to blend exactly into their environment.

Shot quite a few pictures and talked to them.

"Yoo babies, you so sweeeeeeeeet and so koot, look so soft and fluffy, yoo sech sweeeeeeeeet babies."

(I'm the sort of person who picks up animals and then gets the heck bit out of them or infections from scratches. I never learn!)

Blink one eye. Slightly adjust head which appears to be on a large ball bearing to peer down at the crazy lady. Blink other eye. The other two babies sit on a branch across about 10 tombstones down.

Aren't they just too cute?


Hattigrace said...

They ARE darling! I can see why you are having so much fun with them. Babies, of all sorts are so dear.

Like seeing you around in blogland. We got some special, endearing friends out there, huh?

Love to you!


They are MAGNIFICENT! Thankyou for those superb pics.

punxxi said...
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d34dpuppy said...

did u name m yet? owls need names: mousehunter. stealthflyer.mooneyes.barnsweeper