Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Waves of Heat, Sounds of Honey

Well, just trying to get my mind off TSA! I won't talk about it! This suitcase is unpacked!

Apartment is HOT. Probably will get hotter, its only June. Last June this time, my daugher & grandson & I were freezing tootsies off, and the wind was blowing so hard, little guy couldn't even open the car door.

Went to the cemetery tonight as I had reports of an owl sighting - a huge mamma, with four little babes that sit in a row on a dead tree limb, conveniently after my work is done. Well, after much cruising of the cemetery which yielded only 3 squirrels, blackbirds, and two wonderfully rich looking young buck deer with "velvet" still on their horns, (there were reports today also of a new fawn) I had a PERFECT close up shot ready to go of one young buck, and the battery was shot.

I guess I can lurk in the cemetery stalking widlife for photos in the evenings until winter? Tomorrow is "Music in the Park" with some good regional musicians lined up. That will take care of the heat tomorrow night. (Wendy Woo is scheduled sometime - if you want a treat and like a folk/jazz mix, go visit her website.)

I just bought a tropical bed in a bag set - my bedroom looks "hot." Good "hot." I have to now paint a large hibiscus for the wall behind the bed. By golly, if the outside surrounding area is brown blowing dust, with no green, I will create an oasis in here! Night, dear friends & sister!


d34dpuppy said...

hi diana is that a real bird in the piccy? ty 4 comin by my goofy page

Hattigrace said...

Okay, you are totally cool. If Pup is visiting you, you are top dog. I love him. He has so much heart.

We are COOL here. Just got new A/C in our house, thanks to sale of Country Estate.

Hair doing okay? Love to you!

d34dpuppy said...

name it jimmy buffet