Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From Cheyenne to "Home" & Back to the Prairie Again

W'allllllll partner, this was the parking lot where I met my friend who was kind enough to take me to the bus at 6:00 a.m. to begin my trip. Can ya imagine a horse pulling up next to you at the Winn Dixie parking lot?

The bus ride involved two hours, two busses, and lots of bumps on into DIA. Made it through screening there easily. They even smiled as they waved me through. Apparently at this airport my key ring and film tool were not weapons worthy of making me a detainee.

The next time I saw Cheyenne, my friend picked me up again, and we decided to have crab (all my husband's fault - he spotted a bargain and spoiled me and little grandson with piles of crab. ) So I treated my friend for all her picking me up. (Yum, wish I had some now.)

Next, I left Cheyenne and drove the back roads to "home." These back roads run on the back of a mountain through a national recreation area.

When perusing my photos, I found this rock pile, that when run through a slide show looked comically obscene - and I hope folks you aren't disappointed in me, but I thought it was so funny.

Find the hidden symbolism............................

Tee Hee.

Ya start seein' things when ya been away too long.

Enough said.

Night folks.


d34dpuppy said...

rocks rox no matter wot u think thay look like

ldbug said...

Thanks for the comment, Diana! A horse in the parking lot..hmmm, think I've seen that before;)


humpin' rocks! So that's how we get pebbles.....