Sunday, July 02, 2006

Holiday Blues

Back to howlin' about being homesick again. Happens everytime there is a holiday and I'm not home to be with my family.

"At my door the leaves are fallen' - a cold, wild wind is blowin'." "Sweethearts walk by together, and I still miss someone."

Don't know who wrote it, Joan Baez sang it as well as Johnnie Cash -

but here's to my family this 4th of July 2006 without you..........nothing to do but be blue for you.


LWords said...

I think Joan Baez wrote her own material, but am not certain if she wrote 100% of it.

I am sorry you are homesick... I am actually feeling a small void with the 4th coming on.. Wish ya could hop on a plane and come on down to see your family.


Hattigrace said...

Who ya gonna be red and white for? Sorry, being silly. I cannot imagine how lonely it must be for you to be SO far from home. I send you love. . .


Hope yer had a great 5th. You sure Johnny Rotten didn't sing that too?....maybe not. Loadsa hugs from England