Wednesday, July 12, 2006

PT Cruiser Club

Yeh! Let's start a club. Here is my little Cruiser with my boss, an elected official. (She wanted me to drive her in the parade in the Cruiser.)

So, of course, I think Hattigrace has the coolest of taste! And a convert to top off the coolness of her Cruiser! Ohhhhhhhhh, what a car. Congrats Hattigrace! My sister owns a dapper Taupe Cruiser. I think when my husband's truck drops, I will make him buy one.

The only thing about my Cruiser is - I traded her in. (Oh, sob, more loss.) The Cruiser, not the boss. But she's still my true love. ..the Cruiser. Boy they can haul a lot of stuff! And move into ANY parking space. And go fast! Yes, I got two speeding tickets right after moving to Wyoming. Considering that Haliburtons (big truckers hauling oil & inflammables at 90 mph) leave me in the dust, I began to wonder if drugs were smuggled in Cruisers - why was I getting picked up so much while others roared on at much higher speeds? I was picked up once for 7 miles over the speed limit????? AND ticketed! Could it be the Cruiser? Jealousy? But later time proved out that I am a cop magnet.

I miss her, the Cruiser - she had a malady, a limp, no one could fix, then I had the transmission serviced and I think, but can't prove, that they forgot to put the fluid back in. She froze! Couldn't budge her. After two attempts and several hundreds of dollars, the garage said they had "fixed" her, but she was sick AND limping after that until I said goodbye. Never knew when I would get in her and her transmission would be frozen tight and I could not move her. (She wasn't new when I bought her, and I think she may have been an abused child to begin with, as Cruisers are infamous for being PERFECT.) Getting stalled in the middle of nowhere in snow and below zero weather in Wyoming where cell phones don't work outside of town was not my cup of tea.

I felt bad, as bad as if I had euthanized a pet that consistantly pooped in the carpet and the bed. Didn't mean I didn't love it, just meant I didn't like stepping in and sleeping in poop.

The Buick Lacross - well, it was a heck of a deal, fantastic financing, a demo, but not my style of auto. Old fogies that hang out at the Elks' club drive Buicks out here. Anyway, I got picked up right away in that one. The cop blinded me with his lights as I nudged into the curb. He got out, and shone a flashlight right into my face. Intimidating silence. "Is it against the law to go slow?" I asked. (After two speeding tickets, I'm rather poking along these days.) "You didn't dim your lights quick enough, that's a sign of being drunk, get out of the car." "Officer, I am just going home from a 12 hour Commissioners' meeting, and really, Officer, we were not drinking, you can call ______ and ask." (____________ is also the Assistant Chief of Police as well as County Commissioner. )

Ya'll know what my Commissioner meetings are like, its a wonder I hadn't downed a big bowl of margueritas after the meeting before heading home. Today at a meeting, I was told by one of the Commissioners that I only needed the abilities of a trash collector to do my job, while the other one snickered away. Boy those guys know how to build morale! Thank the good Lord I am making enough money that I can laugh all the way to the bank. Elections are coming. I DO NOT forget!

The copper continued to scold me because I could've made that poor semi-truck wreck. Well, as I said, I'm 6'2" and as I got out of the car, I swayed because I do not do well with heights, mine, or nature's or man-made and because I am clumsy and last, but not least, I was exhausted.

Copper got up real close to me on his tip-toes, I knew he was sniffing. I was starting to come up on a real rebellious attitude, same one that overcame me after being tortured by the TSA. I was to the point of almost daring the dodo to take me to jail. I would call the ACLU from there. Grandmas of the world, unite against discrimination! Anyway, my name dropping was advantageous, so I did not have to go to the Station for an intoxication test.

What is going on in this country? Are old ladies selling drugs or transporting explosives to make their prescription deductibles or for shots of Botox? Do I look like a vulnerable old lady that can be easily hassled? For what? Cookies? The tail-end of my iced Chai? Maybe sitting down I do. WRONG!



maybe you look like Bonnie Parker or some'at. Faye Dunaway on a perch?

Hattigrace said...

My cruiser does not have room for a pair of shoes! Only two door, room for two passengers, but the trunk space will send a healthy teen to the chiropractor!!! Ah, TT likes to grocery shop, so all is well.

Hate you had an abused child PT. Very hard when they stop working right.