Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mi Casa or La Casa?

Hmm, posting seemed to bring the blog back. Wonder what that was all about. Found a mobile home on its own lot. It's older, not much room in one bedroom, the other is fine. Closet space at a minimum. It has a neat little studio in the back in which to do art work should I find the time, could even put a kiln there! It has green grass around it, lotsa room for flowers, a single car garage on the side.

Smells like pot now, but surely that can be scrubbed away????? It made my head woozy - I can not only smell drugs, but can "sense" them....being around just the scent always makes me woozy and wacked, I can tell when a person is doing drugs just by walking by them. It spooks people out. Ya think I'm nuts? This has proved out! Years ago when friends were experimenting, it would make them mad because I always knew. Not that I didn't have an experiment or two of my own many many years ago, growing up in the hippy era.

(Did I ever tell you about hitchhiking from Baltimore to the East Village in New York? No? Well I probably won't either.)

Perhaps a good praying over the place and days of good Christian ionizer.....would help.....good kitchen room for cooking - heating costs are a little scary, but I freeze myself up here trying to save money, unknown factor. No one would be stealing my underwear and I would have PRIVACY, yeh! I've been groaning about this place for two years now, but now I'm scared.....

Kitty could play about the yard - the studio has a "cat door" on the side of it.

I see about the financing at noon today. Guess I better hold off the "scared" until I know if I can even get money!

Phone is working, I made the company switch back to my old phone although I had to go through two support techs before one agreed and now it is ringing, taking messages, and seems to be fine. The one that I got through the insurance company for $50.00 was a piece of >>>>>> ya know.



It's cat friendly. take it!

Hattigrace said...

Room for studio, take it!

Vicki said...

Stock up on Febreeze, I'll come help you clean!! I am old too, but don't hold THAT against me!!
Take it, Loves!

d34dpuppy said...

prolly liek reg smoke its in tha carpets n drapes rip that out re paint it mabe then ull get ridda the smell that is tha reason 2 alwasy go outside 2 do it then nobody nos it especially ur da ;o)

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