Friday, July 28, 2006


Ok, 5 things in my freezer:

1. Okra
2. Hake
3. Waffles
4. Berries
5. Ice cubes

5 things in my closet

1. lots of bags, I'm a real bag freak - a bag lady
2. my bills, under a suitcase where I hide them from the landlord
3. my underwear, in a suitcase where I hide them from the landlord
4. my clothes
5. my purses

5 things in my car (oh boy)

1. Change
2. CD's
3. A Taco John's Bag
4. Cemetery Flowers I've been hauling around since Memorial Day
5. Hardware = a screwdriver, other tools, and an emergency kit

5 things in my purse/wallet

1. Lots of receipts
2. Lots of pens, pencils
3. Checkbooks
4. Lipstick
5. Broken plastic silverware.........and much, much more

Ok, Blogger friends, now you are tagged!!!!!!!


d34dpuppy said...

ur piccys broke ty 4 playin 5 things 2 :o)


I've got to admit the picture of knickers next to '5 things in my freezer''? I'll be carefully watchin' what Caz puts in there in future!

Hattigrace said...

Congrats on the loan!!! Ya gonna lose the dead flowers?

d34dpuppy said...

so do u keep ur knickers in tha freezer?

Gardenia said...

keep the knickers where ever the landlord won't find them - - - freezer is a good place - - - also since I don't have A/C might be the best place....

d34dpuppy said...

diana get a photobucket account n put ur piccy in it so u can put it here n it dun turnin 2 a red x thay also has a photouploader dealie

Candy Minx said...

Oh my god, I howled at you hiding your underwear from your landlord...but I think I understand.