Sunday, July 30, 2006

Me Mum & Me

What is it with blogspot's picture upload? First I got 6 of the photos, now it won't upload at all.

It rained tonight. I am so thankful. This 90 degree apartment was making me wilt. I don't do well, unless I'm air conditioned.

Returned a while ago from visiting my mother this weekend. I did not want to go - I was having major freakout on Saturday morning.

No one would ever know I freak out because I appear so calm. But I had been through a week of server breakdown followed by four of our desktops, (spygate), followed by a top notch employee that moved on to more money. I couldn't find my keys, I was thinking of all the things I needed to do, like start packing and, well, gas is getting expensive! And I had (have) bills to pay. always a two to three hour ordeal for me.

The litter boxes were beyond foul and it was so hot I was afraid I would be reported for pet abuse if I went off and left Cat.

Anyway, I hid my underwear and bills and headed down the road.

Dinner this time: China Man's. More dread. Pleasant surprise - SUSHI, and CRAB LEGS....and a very excellent buffet. Of course I concentrated on the crab legs, don't get those fellas often in Wyoming. Just me & her. She was tickled I was pigging out because I don't eat much when we are at the "Hometown Buffet." We placed our purses in the chairs and hit the buffet. This really scares me, I am learning the ways of the 2nd phase of elderly. Please someone, if I post a piccy of myself with a perm and one inch short hair, send an assasin.

While we are eating, she wants me to go with her to the Dog Cemetery where she has about 20 of the little (and big) fellers R.I.P., and she wants me to chop the weeds out of the cemetery. It is only 101 degrees outside and I beg off until fall. But I feel guilty; she takes me out to dinner everytime I come over - seems like the least I could do. But just didn't want to risk a heart attack or heat stroke, especially so dog-gone close to a cemetery.

Always when I leave, she tries to give me "stuff." "No, mother, I don't want a case of toilet paper, I think I will be moving soon." No, thanks, I don't need all that Diet Pepsi, I'm off the stuff. She stuffs it in my box anyway. Lots of peaches, and yellow squash - let me tell you, if there is ever a national disaster, her house is the place to head to.


Hattigrace said...

So, did you get a new haircut? Love your new profile piccy!

You're a good daughter!!

So, you got the new place for sure?

Hattigrace said...

P.S. I went to Picasso for my photo managing and you can blog from it. A bit frustrating only b/c seems like they only allow four photos and you cannot size them. But, you can do photo collages. I have never had it fail me. Free. I found it on Blogspot when I was searching around for help on why my photos would not post!

FOUR DINNERS said... cemetary...when I was selling replacement windows I went to a house with a big crypt in the garden full of deceased dogs. The chap said "Most of them died a natural death" and leared at me. I think he got his windows somewhere else...

Gardenia said...

no new haircut that, old piccy - the other one I took while looking in a mirror....although I did go to the blunt cut man, I think his intention was a cute early sixties boofont (thank the good Lord for product)...but it'll be all growed out when I come Christmas.

Will try Picasso. I like the one Pup turned me on to also because it can do slideshows - should i ever have time to put one together....

I signed an offer today.....and sent the final papers to the bank for a final decision...

LWords said...

I have been having trouble with the pic uploads also. What I have found is it seems to work without the www .. In other words upload with See if that will help.

d34dpuppy said...

is she a mormon?
no blogspot is a punkass about piccy it is otr alla tiem im ok just not all there is happens somedays is all neways its a good piccyt n ya photobucket is bettern picassa in my world