Monday, July 31, 2006

Living with Kitty and View from my Picture Window

The piccy's are uploading now in html. Never seen THAT before. The dust bowl is a picture of the new trailer court across the street. For only $1,000 a month, one can live in the dirt in a new trailer.

Now, my trailer, yah, MINE, (I hope)to be is in green green grass, with a paved road, fence, studio in back, and storage with a little patio in a nice street with a cul-de-sac. Currently I live off of a highway -noisy, dirty.

I still haven't heard anything yet on the loan, but I got a counter offer and I'm trying another counter offer. I wanted him to fix the broke things. He doesn't want to. It will cost me to fix broke things, as I am no spring chickie, I can't crawl on top of mobile home, I can't crawl under crawl space. He's let the place go and it needs some work.

Today the long distance went out, and the cell phones, as well as the internet. I wondered if it was terrorism. But now things are back on, maybe it will hold tomorrow and I can get calls out to find out where I stand.

Been crying off and on today, don't know why - maybe because if I buy this place, it will be one more step toward permanency and one more step away from where my heart is yearning to be. Oh, if you are young and reading this, start planning for your retirement NOW!

Top (pic) Kitty is magnificent - but what an odd ball personality - guess when I think about it, I've never met a cat that wasn't an odd ball. My Florida Meowi is my favorite, he's a sweet heart. I miss him too. He's a little, only a wee, neurotic and I was afraid a car ride cross country would really mess him up forever. Black kitty is a big big cat - and pushy. Will eat all the time, anything and everything, including watermelon, avacodos, soy milk, shrimp, spaghetti - and on and on. I have to limit her or she gets sick. When she's limited, she's real pushy. A pushy cat.



I need a bigger screen!!! Beautiful cat. Is that a building site out of your apartment?

Dunno if yer've got widescreen pc's out there babe but mine's a little'n. Any chance of thumb nailin' 'em for us?

(I've 8 cats + 6 kittens just arrived from the local vets)

Gardenia said...

8 cats. Now, I know you're alright! A wee bit nuts but a good person! I reposted - my uploads are coming in wierd....hope the size is better. I added my Maine Coon Cat.


Beeeeeeautiful!! (n hugs for the tearsy bit)

1: Holly. Brain damaged tabby.
2: Kiwi. Neurotic Torty
3: Bumble. One eyed lunatic
4: Hissing Sid. Obvious!
5: D.J. The Boss cat
6: Treasure. 'N he is
7: Princess. Blind n white n fluffy
8: Tiddler. Totally feral torty


Cuddles, Son of Cuddles, Teddy Edwards and Spike. Regular strays.

plus in the 'Cat Palace' where we look after homeless cats for re-homing

Bianca. White n torty babe
Oscar. FIV positive tom. Not unwell though.
Sparky. Nutty B&W boy

Vicki said...

Dat oddball Washington Mainecooney?? How can that be????
He was such a lovey at the Healing Center, musta been that airplane trip!?

Candy Minx said...

Oh I love maine Coon cats wonderful personalities too on top of their coats.

oh sounds like you have a lot on your mind Diana, that's roudgh. do you really want to be right there? is it an investment to buy the want to move to Costa Rica right? can you parlay your experience and talents for we b design or anything into a job you can work on for longer than typical retirement, can it move. Can you work online from somewhere selling goods online or services? proofreading typing design?

I am sorry you had a cry, but i bet after a good nights sleep you will feel better.

I have added you to my list of blogs for "20 comment wednesday" If you have time or inclination...can you let me know if you had more visitors or more comments since this link? I don't know if you knew about the idea of "20 comments wednesday" or not...but a few of us are trying to see if we post a lot of comments on other people s blogs if it adds to the experience or dynamic of blogging.

I would love to hear if you noticed any more comments or visitors.

do you have a site meter on your blog?


Candy Minx said...

Oh I just caught up on your trailer stuation from past posts...

and how much water do you drink? You need to measure 4 quarts of it consummed minimum okay? And get some flax seed oil if you don't already have some and take a half a shot glass a day in the morning with your breakfast. Avoid sugar as much as possible.


Gardenia said...

THANK you all my bloggy friends. Was just telling my boss, my wild social life consists mostly of blogging. :)

Hey, Cat Man! Way ta go. How about some piccy's to go with all the wild, wonderful puddy cats?

Big Meowi did get unbalanced after plane ride - but still he's very dignified, and will grace you with his presence, but only if you deserve it.

Will explore site meter and 20 comments tonight. Yes, working to develop web business, esp. for retirement. Any suggestions for site meters - best one to pick up?

Will get straightened up re: the water and will order some flax oil = this town sure wouldn't have it....and one could be hung for getting so "odd" as to want it...

thank you again dear bloggy friends - is hattie now in Costa Rica, ya think?

mister anchovy said...

I have 6 cats: Twiggy (supreme commander of the universe, goddess of war), William, Spud, Miss Delia (aka Sunny D-Lite), Jerry (named after Jerry Lewis from The Nutty Professor because he had crossed eyes when he showed up at our place and told us he was movin in), and Shadow, another former stray, who showed up after getting himself all beat up, panhandly at the door, on the limp, a big hole in his neck. We don't count Randy because we only let him come in to eat, so we don't think he's officially ours.

Candy Minx said...


try this's what hattigrace loaded onto her blog.

I use it and so does mister is actually very informative.

The site will ask a few simple questions and then give you some html to load into your template. My site emter landed up at the bottom of my blog...I suggest maybe trying to load it under the area for "i powered by blogger" but I had trouble doing that.

then you can see other blogs that come to yours, or what countries have stopped by, or you can find out what search engine words brought people to your blog, which i find hilarious.

Uh Wyoming...I have been there, and I think Mister anchovy has fished there and camped...isn't it a little like Montana in that it has so many different kinds of people and lifestyles? From the rich and famous, to sounterculture to artsy to working ranchers?

I would have thought there might be a haelth food store somewhere? I don't know where you are, but I take it there ain't no Whole Foods huh? heh heh.

Hope the dust has let up around there...

Gardenia said...

gnosticminx - health food store down the road 225 mi round trip - but i do it twice a month. thanks for the tip re counter, that sounds good to me!

Wyoming wild like Montana but different too. Eclectic bunch of folks - very interesting - each town has its own distinct "flavor" of people - many here are old tough long termers and or natives. I've become far too urban - but am trying to enjoy it while i'm here - I ordered a Tassimo so there's my cappucino's and latte's - there's ways to cope - I'm not into snowmobiling in the 0 degrees weather - I like to fish, but becoming more and more vegetarian and it's getting harder to eat something that was alive in your hands a few minutes ago, ya know?

Hattigrace said...

Thanks. May be moving my work address. This has been going on for ten years. Don't want to move. Would like to see issue resolved. Just don't have much hope they will GET IT!!

tshsmom said...

I hear ya on saving for retirement! We TRIED to put away what we could, then the state said that we couldn't have savings AND receive our state's health insurance plan. So we spent our savings on a garage.
You couldn't pay ME to live in that trailer court!!
Good luck on acquiring your green retreat. ;)