Friday, February 16, 2007

Is it STILL Christmas?

River in Louisiana - looks like a pretty nice place to come stay a couple of days in the summer and fish!

Help, help, help! Help me someone, anyone!

I've made some inroads moving back in - reclaimed the study and my corner of the kitchen for the easel and tambora (paint, art supply holder). My computer is up! I've transferred unemployment and registered here. Just finished paying the month's bills, while having a string cheese binge, but I'm too scared to see what's left (money, not string cheese) so I haven't balanced the check book just yet.

Stuff left to do:

Take down the Christmas Tree. Yes, they left it up - that way you don't have to go through the take down and put up for next Christmas, ya see. (And, the Valentine problem - yep, solved, because the tree makes you think its still Christmas, and yep, there are a few straggler presents under it.) Needless to say there are a few things about being back home that really stress me.

Still have to unpack three suitcases and a box. But have to figure out where to put it. My closet was bigger in WY, how did I get so many clothes? Besides, I stored lots of stuff in closet when I left - to prevent it getting lost, damaged or just disappearing. My giant $75.00 canvas has a hole poked in it where they laid sweeper attachments against it, sigh.

Dust everything, I'm coughing again. Find room to put things away in an organized manner when there is no room. Restore lawn - two years lacking water & fertilizer has not been good. Dig up front planter - most looks dead. Then replant. Find treatment for back. Get a primary doctor as now I am on an HMO and can't see my Crohns doc without a referral, or my Gyn, or my lung guy. Hey, I'm in good shape otherwise. And the list goes on - and on - and on, wash windows, blinds, have furnace serviced, find out if termite people are doing their job - no one remembers them being here, file taxes, etc.

I just really want to take a day and go mindlessly watch movies all day at the theatre and eat popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and drink coke. Did splurge on a manicure, pedicure. Daughters start me on habits I can't afford to keep up, always. Have not gone to eat sushi yet. Soon, soon.

Its cold here, but no wind, no ice, no snow. Hoo Hoo - that's good enough for me!


* (asterisk) said...

That's a bummer about the canvas, Gardenia. Can't you get any cash from them for that damage?

tshsmom said...

This post is precisely why I don't leave my family home alone for extended periods of time!! They do enough damage while I'm at work!

d34dpuppy said...

yard sale........ hay m glad u makeit homein 1 piece

Gardenia said...

*, getting cash for the damage is a great idea - except when I said, "WHO did this?" the replies around the table in unison were "I dunno." I've found its that butthead Mr. Idunno that does everything bad around here and won't take responsibility. I can never find Idunno to make him make restitution.

Four Dinners said...

Glad yer back safe. Sounds like the people you left there are worse than our cats. No claw marks on the canvas?

Wandering Coyote said...

Sounds busy, but seems like you're settling in. It always takes time and there's always stuff that comes up unexpectedly. Kinda funny about the Xmas tree, but if it works for Valentines, too, who cares? You've gotten more use out of it than most people!

d34dpuppy said...

who r tha evil canvas killers? dock there food