Monday, February 12, 2007

Leaving Wyo

Ms. Meowi - packed & ready to go - (complete with water bowl and clean up towels.)

The night before departure - reminds me of the old, old song, "Red Sails in the Sunset."

Bob Dylan (I think) had a song where he sang about "leaving Wyo" - in fact, there are at least a handful of songs about leaving Wyo - must be a good place to leave, drive through, visit, etc., not stay!

One of my daughter's friends, Paul, came over and networked us with a router - I'm on line on my OWN computer - it rocks! Thanks, Paul!

The two ladies prefer to remain anonymous due to cyber stalkers.

More pics later.


mister anchovy said...

I don't know about a Bob Dylan song about leaving Wyoming but there is that wonderful old cowboy classic, Goodbye Old Paint...

Goodbye, old Paint,

I’m a-leaving Cheyenne,

Goodbye, old Paint,

I’m a-leaving Cheyenne

Old Paint’s a good pony.

He runs when he can,

Good morning young lady,

My pony won’t stand.


I’m a-riding old Paint,

I’m a-leading old Fan,

Goodbye, little Annie,

I’m off for Montan’


Oh, hitch up your horses,

And feed them some hay,

And seat yourself by me

As long as you stay.


My horses ain’t hungry,

They’ll not eat your hay,

My wagon is loaded

And rolling away.


Ian Tyson sings this verse:
Old Bill Jones
Had two daughters and a son
The son went to Denver and
the daughters went wrong....

or perhaps this version:

Cheyenne, Cheyenne, I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne;

Goodbye, old Paint, I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne.

My foot's in the stirrup, my rein in my hand
I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne, I'm off to Montan'
Goodbye, old Paint, I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne;

My horses ain't hungry, they won't eat your hay
My wagon is loaded and rolling away.

We ride all day ´till the sun´s going down
I´m gonna be glad to get out of this town.

Pickled Olives said...

I have a feeling you aren't going to miss it very much.

Gardenia said...

mister anchovy - I am well acquainted with the song! My mother played it over and over on the vinyls of yore, and I sand it as I read it - along with Ghost Riders in the Sky, Across the Alley from the Alamo -

pickled olives - right on - will miss is very little - wish I could get my mom to move - but we've generations there in tht hard land -

ldbug said...

glad to hear you're online again!

Funny, you're glad to be out of the west, I'm looking forward to getting back there:-)

Wandering Coyote said...

Your cat looks so much like ours! So glad you have your computer back up and running, too.

tshsmom said...

Is that CUPID at your house with the bow and arrows? ;)
How does Miss Meowie like her new housemates?

Life, or Something Like It said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place :)

Red said...

Ms Meowi looks gorgeous! I love her pink nose. Did she just sit in her carrier box for the duration of the journey? Our cat starts howling (like, HOWLING!) after about 10 minutes in the car... Doesn't exactly make for a quiet journey.

Love the hairy people, and that tattooed dude rocks!

Gardenia said...

Meowie howls in her carrier too and poops and pees herself. So I'm thinking, ok, she's scared. Therefor I got some tranquilizers, and I gave them to her for the first day. She did stay in her cage and dozed till we stopped for the night. The lst night in the hotel I gave her another - but she was kind of pitiful so the second day I tried with none and she was fine, dozing, talking to me once in a while. We kept changing her pads out, and she would let me know when they needed changed! She was/is an amazing cat - she's adjusting quite well.