Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rats Ahoy!

What's my fascination with rats you say? Well, none, actually other than wild ones are nasty. I had one eat my paints up, tubes and all when in storage. I committed murder with no remouse. Snap!

I just was perusing the news and found this clip - since there were only three fast food places where I worked out of State, and Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried were two of them, I gagged a bit watching these big fellows scampering about. I can never eat at either again.

I remember in high school we had a standing joke - there was a small hamburger joint a block from the school - it was a great time when we could get a dollar to go eat what we called "ratburgers" (it wasn't a very clean place) and fries. Best ones in town. The thought of scampering rats in the kitchen didn't bother me a bit.

However, I find the older I get, the more freaky I get about germs. Grandson & I went to Blimpie's today - and I noticed the workers wiping their noses, foreheads, and fiddling with their hair while wearing their plastic gloves. I started to fidget - the last straw was when I observed them handling money and then not changing the gloves before dipping the same gloves back into the lettuce and sandwich ingredients. Suddenly, I blurted out, "I want my money back, we aren't hungry." Finally I decided I needed to be honest. I explained what I observed. They were ticked. I needed to tell the truth.


Biddie said...

Yuck. I did have a pet rat, but it was a PET. Not a filthy, rabid, wild vermin. Yuck.
You did the right thing at the restaurant. I learned a long time ago to speak up. My x husband had a fav pizza place that we went to once a week. The last time that we were there, he ordered the pizza and waited, instead of calling it in. While he was waiting, the young man making the pizza actually picked his nose. IN FRONT OF MY X.
Another pizza place that we USED to order from included, at no extra cost to us....(get ready, it's gonna be gross)...a big, yellow TOE NAIL. Of course, it was on the last piece, and we were pretty much done eating when that happened.

Gardenia said...

Freaks you out about eating out, eh?

Biddie said...

You'd think that I would be super skinny. I get freaked out at the thought of most take out places, and now my beloved KFC? Yikes.
BYW, why would the employees bother with gloves if they aren't going to take them off or change them when they are going from task to another? Makes you wonder who trains these kids.

Gardenia said...

Not just kids - was in line at the County for a blood draw and noticed the nurses weren't changing gloves either - after about the 70th withdrawal and watching the gloved fingers rubbing over the needled spot, I got a little faint and faded out of line.

Candy Minx said...

I think it's incredibly important to tell the food service people that they are not using their gloves properly. the whole glove thing has turned into...they are now wearing the gloves to protect their OWN hands. No gloves should be taken off and thrown out use hands for the money...then put on new gloves. I actually prefer places without gloves because I feel they are being more vigilant with their hands. Besides...there should be someone who handles the money only if they don't change their gloves.

I think you did the right's probably okay in terms of health...we have strong immune ssytems formost things. But when people haven't been properly educated abut universal precaustions and respect that...I get miffed myself.

Better to eat at home and save eating our for higher end fare is my motto. ha ha

Wandering Coyote said...

There are apparently more rats in NYC than there are people. That video was pretty bad, but like that gal said, it's probably not the only place.

As for gloves...I'm against them, and I've worked in food service a lot, some places where I had to wear them and some where I didn't. The reality is that people wash their hands less and there is more contamination WITH gloves than with bare hands. Yet, the public perception is that gloves are safer, and that's what it's all about - making the public feel better. What you witnessed is a perfect example of why gloves are not necessarily safer for public health. I'm glad you said something.

d34dpuppy said...

hahaha my da calls micky ds rat bugers but he never allow fast food neways so it dun relly matter :o)

tshsmom said...

I agree with WC about the gloves. Frequent hand sanitizing works much better than gloves.

Some places actually ration the number of gloves an employee can use on a shift. When L worked at Subway, they only got 2 pairs per shift.

Karen said...

Good for you! The sad thing is is that you'll experience pretty much the same thing when visiting just about any fast food restaurant. It's disgusting. There's a reason that regular restaurants have the kitchen in the back where you can't see it - frankly I'd rather not!