Friday, April 11, 2008

Do We Really Want to Eat This?

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I will never darken Kentucky Fried Chickens' drive through windows (or walk-in) again. And I thought China was bad, and we haven't cleaned up our own yard, so to speak.

Lately, I have noticed that sometimes I will get a chicken from the grocery store and I have to throw it away because the meat is mushy. The video probably explains why. If one jumps and stomps on live chickens for a long enough period of time I guess the meat would get mushy. The last one I bought from "H"'s store was awful - since he goes there everyday I asked him to take it back and get my money back, pick up another from a store he drives by on his way home (cheaper there too) and he could have the leftover money for gas. I got lambasted - that was the last big chicken fight - to me to return the chicken with an explanation would not only have been a good financial thing to do, but would also let the store know that the meat was unacceptable so they could maybe do something about it. This would also save me 40 miles of driving to make an extra trip to that store and seemed more environmentally sane as well. But then I have to admit, I have one of those inferior female brains. So what do I know?

OK! The computer goes off now for the day. I am moving on...........


Candy Minx said...

Yikes that is pretty scary. I don';t eat much fast food very often...I prefer little shops that make "home made" take out food.

Have you ever read Fast Food Nation? I haven't seen the movie version yet...but the book is non-fiction and well worth checking out from the library.

Hey have a great no computer day...much love!


At least they're still using chicken over there. One got closed down the other month concerning rat meat

Ya Think? said...

enjoy your day offline.

Chicken is probably something I am not going to cherish for a while.

Cherie said...

Oh this is upsetting, Gardenia. I just finished reading Fast Food Nation, and like Candy Minx recommend reading it - although it's not pleasant reading. Very informative, though.

For some time I've not been buying chickens that are raised in cruel ways. I spend the extra bucks to buy the naturally raised, free-range, chickens. They even taste better.

It shocks me that they raise the chickens to have extra large breasts because that's where the money is. Poor chickens! They can't even walk a lot of the time because of it. (Kinda funny that Pamela Anderson is narrating the video - ;)

You wonder what is wrong with people to treat creatures in such a way??

Vicki said...

Oh, it makes my stomach hurt!
In reference to the chicken was not about the chicken, you know. It was about control.
I wish I were more disciplined and could rely on fruits and veggies for my sustenance.
But then we have to worry about pesticides and genetic engineering there, too. They have been doing that to turkey's for years...because everyone prefers white meat and lots of it.
Until we change our eating habits they will cater to the demand.