Friday, April 18, 2008

Under Construction

Still planting! Today we bought Gerbera daisies, a blue bush to bring butterflies and birds, and some fire plant. I had to pull more of that devilish dollar weed before putting these in the ground. I love the bright simplicity of the Gerberas. The roses are blooming nicely.

Called the doc and told him, I'm done, can't stand the pain or being sick from the pain meds. He phoned me in something that is taken regularly twice a day for seizures, it just happened that a discovery was made that nerve pain was helped with this med. It does help a lot - but its only a "masking," I can tell. Also it makes me very dizzy and loopy (mmmm, what else is new?) so its not the answer. I also got a referral to a pain clinic that specializes in nerve blocks. We'll see, I go next week.

The calendar is whopping full until mid May.

My hair is now very short - don't know if I like it - went to Walmart and bought some large earrings. (Not driving across town to avoid Walmart!) We'll see. It's easier - just spray and push it around.

Psycho has peed on the boy's school backpack. I had covered the catnip with a laundry basket with a brick on top of it. Have the cats figured out a way to chew the plant to the roots anyway? Of course. Devious little whiskered varmints.

I've been watching the last three seasons of Nip/Tuck. And getting a lot of the elliptical done with the pain meds and the edited (no commercials) version. I have laughed, I have cried, I have identified, I have thought how ridiculous, yet I'm hooked. I don't usually like anything that has a lot of visuals on sex thrown in purely for entertainment value - I'm old fashioned enough to think that belongs in private. But somehow the steamy scenes fit in with the series without driving me bonkers. The writers and directors are brilliant as well as the leads. So, this is confession time, I have been hooked - popping in and out of these when I'm alone and no one is there to corrupt besides myself.

Still following the fast from negative thinking studies and reading the Bible and Tolle's book as well. A contradiction? I don't think so - maybe some do.

Still sorting clothes - egad. So hard to get rid of them out of fear that I'll gain it back. Especially with these sodium based pain meds - I'm not losing so fast now.

It is in the upper 70's and I think summer has landed - it will get hotter and steamy and that is my luscious Southland!


Vicki said...

its snowing here............

Candy Minx said...

Whew...another wild day huh?

Oh those darn cats that pee and spray...but what can you do?

The garden looks and sounds lovely you live in the perfect place for gardening. I love palm trees and tropical plants so much.

I am glad to hear the negativity diet is still healing and good for you. You know, I have run into so many people doing the same thing, trying to be more positive and monitoring their negative thoughts. It must be "in the air".

I don't think the Tolle book and Bible are a contradiction at all. Not with the negativity diet. In fact, Tolle's book examines the root of negativity and the ego's compulsion.

What do we believe Jesus did when he went away for three years? Many theologists, historians and faithful believe he may have gone to a desert to meditate...or even to India to study meditation. When he returned he had a new attitude and perspective and a very strong vision of how to live and think.

He rejected the traditional temples and churches and tried to tell people that the "temple" was when two people or more got together to talk about life. He could build a church in a few days because the church wasn't a is the part of our body we call temple. When two heads or more converse about truth and the nature of reality.

Jesus seemed to be talking about being in the moment and he seemed to reject negative

Milla said...

I love Gerbera flowers. I tried planting some in my garden over the years but slugs always managed to decimate them. I HATE SLUGS!!

jIhAd PuNk said...

gettin' t'grips wi my garden now. I've a pond somewhere under the mass of bushes. I know I have cause a cat brought a fish in the other day. Still alive and swimming around my tank right now - 'til I remember where the bloody hell the pond is.

Gardenia said...

I noticed Tolle is very much into thoughts - etc. and have reached the part of the book that goes through reasons -

LOL, I've lost many many things till I think I'll go mad . . . I will not fix a pond, because that would be the worst thing to lose - - -

snow - shudder - shudder - shudder

Gardenia said...

Candy, I missed the part in the Bible where Jesus went away for three years, but my understanding is that he often did go apart from everyone - which is a great model for us to follow - we can assume he went to meditate and commune with God and refill everything that went out of him - a good example for us to follow, huh?

And, yes, he called the religious establishment "whitewashed....", can't remember the exact words, but it wasn't a compliment! And they ended up killing him.

And, yes, you are right about the temple - it's not a building, its us!

Excellent insight - yes, He said "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" or the "Kingdom on Heaven in near." He wanted us to know. Comparatively only a few would recognize that. That is certainly the NOW.

I just figured out why I like to garden so much - when my hands go into the dirt, I find that's all I'm thinking of is the task at hand - and that's NOW - and that's peace . Gotta run and get that dawdling boy off to school.

tweetey30 said...

We found out that Snowy is a girl.. But we are still bringing her home.. Yayy not for another two weeks.. I cant wait. but anyway sounds like a hecktime down in the south.. Take care and hugs.