Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Pea Green Kind of Life

Clothes! I'm still working on weeding out my closet.

See, its a problem because I think things should last forever. I tried on a twenty year old pants suit, No problem, it's still good - isn't it? Yeh, it is still good, but its not me. Never was. It's causing me to squeak putting away the big clothes that are still new (uh, new to me is three years old and under) though I'll never be an executive whatever any more - I don't need them - thank God.

I've never really known how to dress for sure - to please myself and other's expectations - often the two have been at odds - I always have gone against the flow of what is currently fashionable, or pushed over the edge a bit past trendy, but the last two years I have been buying what is timeless. I haven't purchased much at all compared to most people I know. I love the new slim looks, the geometrics, the cuts of the clothing - I would stay in this era forever!!!

I tried on the pea green outfit, era - uh, I don't remember - a mark down Liz Claiborne - and the pants were super baggy in the seat and legs - the top seemed to flare around the middle after I had sat down for a while. I looked in the mirror today and wondered what I could have been thinking to buy it even if it was on sale. Perhaps it was an effort to look appropriately middle aged????

Still, I wonder how to dress "appropriately" even now. My guts tell me to dress like me - to decorate my body with lush splashes of color and fabrics that flow in celebration. I look around in church - let's see, a blouse, slacks, lace up shoes - maybe an occasional pair of heels - a jacket. Well, the pastor's wife is middle age and she's HOT - geometric sleeveless dresses - blue jeans, cute sandal shoes. Looking good. Hmmmmmm. Should I end the wondering and just be ME, and wear what I like?

Never will forget one place I worked about 20 years ago. One day I wore black stretch leggings and was called in and told I couldn't wear knit pants unless the top came down over my hips. ????? Thereafter I went through a stage of wearing clothing a size too large.

Another place of work: I made a gorgeous black with red flowers flowing dress and wore it without a bra. The boss was a happy man.

The tattoo I guess was a way of waving goodbye to a pea green kind of life...and clothing. (Funny how doing stuff that is good for us sometimes doesn't feel so good on one level.) Give me the happy geometrics! The bright colors - bubbles, circles, combinations - clingy, so what - everyone just about seems to have a bit of extra at the waist. And if the tattoo peeks out - so?

Ok, I now feel better for getting the pea green outfit and the others to the Goodwill box. Just takes a bit of reflection.


Vicki said...

Oh dear dear. We do have issues about clothing don't we?
When going thru pictures..(purging during a difficult divorce) discarding anything with the "EX", ( a job as we were together for 20 years, Lord I am a stubborn woman) I came upon a pic of me standing on my mother's porch. Now keep in mind I hate green and brown...I had a cute haircut..(in style at the time) a Shag, yes Hattie G. a Shag..I was wearing a pair of brown double knit pants and a pea green tunic type shirt and a brown (didn't match the pants) jacket. I was most likely in my early 30's, thin as a rail..standing there in my mother's bagging clothing, that she had instructed me to wear. My mother was still dressing me. I was so dominated by her.

I did eventually break free..did not wear anything green for years and years. I didn't wear any underwear at all the whole time I lived in Kansas. What freeeeedom!! I still do not like green or any form of underwear.
Was mother with you when you bought your Pea Green?

Red said...

You should definitely wear what you want now. If you have no obligation to dress a certain way for work, then be free, baby! I think you should go flowing, colourful fabrics all the way! And if the tattoo shows (where is it? I thought it was on your leg?), so what? Embrace your fabulousness, Gardenia!

tweetey30 said...

I have to admit I am one of those people that wears what I am comfy in and if you dont like oh well. I am one person I know that doesnt have a hard time wearing what I like. I am judged by what I wear but you know what oh well. I am a stay at home mom and usually in sweat pants and t-shirts a majority of my day..

Milla said...

end the wondering and just be YOU, and wear what you like!
That's it!

Candy Minx said...

Only keep and wear clothes you simple can that be? There that is the best way to dress.

I also think it's a good idea to not wear too many baggy clothes because on almost all people they look frumpy...and encourage over eating!'s a lot of work to go through a ward drobe and weed out things. I did it this spring...but the major time I did was 3 years ago and I had to have three friends help I know how much hemming and hawwing you must have done and decisions.

Spring cleaning and living light is so good for us!

I read a while ago that most people only wear about 5 percent of the clothes they own...wearing their favourites over and over...I know that is what I do. Now I just try to have a few faves wear them out then move on...

Wandering Coyote said...

You so have to be true to yourself when it comes to dress - otherwise you're just following someone else's agenda! I used to love to dress up, but it wasn't for the right reasons (trying to catch a man, or trying to make an impression) but I was always uncomfortable and always felt like a stuffed sausage too big for its skin. Now I dress purely for comfort - and I love it. No expectations - mine or others'. I love jeans and T-shirts, or jeans and a nice comfy top...No heals - work boots, runners, hikers, Hush Puppy flats that are comfy and good for my body.

Like Candy said, keep and wear only what you love. And BUY only what you love!

Free yourself!! You are worth it and you deserve it!!

I'm purging too - clothes, books, STUFF. It feels great.

Gardenia said...

LOL, V, no mother wasn't with me. Don't know what got into me. OK. That did it - its going in the box for Goodwill. LOL, until the end mother was wanting me to go to her hairdresser and get me a "perm" - and wear Levi stretch knits. Rachhhhhhhhh! - I have plenty of time to get one of those perms when I'm 90.

Yeh, I'm into jeans, stretchy knit tops, capris, birkie shoes for hot weather. I can't think of anything I really have to dress up for - and the thought of pantyhose makes me shudder. Ok, back to closet for more dumping. How could I have hauled all those clothes around - even while working - Candy, you are right - only 5% utilized.

I did away with 20 years of self help books! Whoopie. "Remember Peter Pan Syndrome," anyone? LOL.

Tweetie - your outfits sound wonderful, especially in cold climate!

Gardenia said...

V, I broke down and got some Thongs - not the kind that go between your toes. Don't know if I like them, but that feeling of freedom from granny panties - yaaaaaaaaaay! So what if I'm a granny. Anyway, they disappeared. Odd.

I like green - just bright, vibrant greens! Brown - well, after years and years and years, I am reacquainting somewhat with brown. Definitely no beige.

No, she wasn't with me when I bought the pea green - hey, maybe I could send it to her - no, she's into pink and blue now, but its ok for an 81 year old lady.

I have dresses my sweet daughter purchased for me that I like. I may hang onto them for a bit. Oh, there I go.

Then I feel guilty thinking of my foreign friends who are lucky to have anything to cover them or keep warm.

Biddie said...

I dress for me. I don't care what anyone says or thinks. I just do. Mind you, I am an old (er, reformed?) punk rock girl, so I never really ever cared. (I did buy a green blouse with long flowing sleeves a year or so ago. It is ridiculous. I can't wear it even if I want to. The sleeves are always dragging and falling into things...)
I do, however, still DO things to please others. Never seems to end for us, does it?