Friday, April 11, 2008

Have a Great Weekend.

As a relief from the two disturbing posts previous to this, here is the orange first rose of summer. Isn't she gorgeous?


d34FpUpPy said...


Cherie said...

Oh yes, oh yes, she is GORGEOUS!!!

Milla said...

Such a BEAUTY!! What a beautiful, perfect rose you have in your garden.

Captain Karen said...

That's beautiful!

My World said...

Hello stranger,
A beautiful rose....

I have been side-lined since February 10th, my grandson was born
on this date... 8lbs. 14 ounces...

He was born with an enlarged heart,
and it also had a hole in it..

Women and Infants hospital air lifted him to Childrens Hospital in
Boston, Ma.

He was put in isolation, only the parents ( my daughter and the baby's father ) could see him.

My sister and I were able to see him after all the tests were done on him and the parents.

We had the little guy baptized in our relgion ( Catholic ). this was on the 21st. of February.

The baby had a heart attack on the 23rd. and was placed on life support for only 14days.

The search for a donor was now in full steam, we only had the window
of 14 days.

It's been 11 days now since his birth and my daughter still hasn't had the mothers need to bond, she was never given that moment to hold... what a strong little lady I have.

It's now Monday the 25th. the word came in that lil Jacob was going down at 3:00PM to be prepared for the transplant... they found a donor, it was a little more of a distance but it was very promising.

At 10:00PM, word came out that the parents would be able to see him, only through windows. The baby was placed in a special room for the first 24 hours.

As I write this, little Jacob is holding his own, the heart is the best the doctors have seen and he needs a strong heart for this journey....

My daughter is now doing fine, but I'm sure she will need some counseling and she's prepared herself for that time...

Thank you for your concern about my being absent... your a dear.



PS, Women and Infants is in Providence, R. I.

tshsmom said...

Peach-colored roses are my favorite! My boss has a bush that grows blaze-orange roses. You can see them from 2 blocks away!