Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aaaaaaaarghhhhhhhh Bad Nerves Day

I wants to sting something, sting it hard and makes it hurt. Probably too many steroids in my spine and associated trigger points. I've been also wanting to eat anything and all of it.

Started a project been wanting to do for years - clean up the credit report - wrong addresses, jobs we've never worked, debts paid off and never reported paid off, people on it we have never heard of that are supposed to be us, jobs we never had, delinquencies we never had, etc., etc., etc. I have been fighting for two weeks with Bank of America concerning a report of the credit agency that we have never paid off two cars. Then why do we have the titles?

Finally, after two weeks of phone calls to no avail, "H" made a trip to the bank for help and was successful - we have two zero balance letters in hand. We have someone helping us clean up the report - so I am going straightaway to fax them to our helper in this cleaner-upper trial of nerves. I've come to the conclusion that a large majority of people are too lazy to take care of a problem so they make up stuff so they won't have to write a **>>>!!! letter. It should not take 17 phones calls and two weeks and three people to get a proof letter from the bank stating that your account is zero when its really zero. Jeez. Now how long will it take to persuade the credit reporting agency!

Then I get in the shower - turn on the water water. "H" is unusually quiet, but has left the house to "check on the problem." Would this be one of the credit snafu's? Forgetting to pay the garbage bill? If you don't pay for the garbage pickup they shut off your water. Makes perfect sense. Footnote: He just came back and said that there was a water main break - now is that wicked of me to think such a thing?

The "huge delinquency" showing on our report is because, I'm told, if you have a mortgage, the mortgage company is supposed to report monthly. Ours hasn't reported for two years. More phone calls. More snotty replies.

We had a tax lien way back in college days about 20 years ago, I've protested with the credit reporting agencies several times and have been assured as soon as I fax the release, which I have been faxing to one or another of them about every two years on average for 15 years, they will take it off the report. Is it off the reports? Of course not.

I am banging my head against a brick wall.

Ok, now this wasp lady will turn into Tinker Bell and start thinking only positive thoughts. As soon as I get water for my shower. I promise.


punxxi said...

You know that anything on your credit report that can't be prooven( is that a word?) has to be removed in 90 days.

Gardenia said...

No, I didn't know - I knew there was a time period but didn't know what it was - they seem to float around that with impunity. I will be curious to see in six months what becomes of all our efforts and work in cleaning this up. I can't believe hardly (yes I do, I saw it) that there were other names on my credit report, that I had supposedly gone by, including one who had stolen checks from our mailbox about 12 years ago, and signed the checks....which were cashed by some idiot even though the signature did not match my printed name on the check. Frightening!

tweetey30 said...

That is sad Gardenia. Jeff and I got lucky there when he cleaned up his credit report. We only had what we said we had to pay off. Thankfully. But this is sad. Hope it gets fixed right away. People..

MichaelW said...

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tshsmom said...

30 years ago, Hennepin County put a lien against our tax returns for L's back child support. This was after the county said that it was OK to accrue this back child support while L was going to business school. The back child support has been paid off for over 25 yrs! We STILL can't get this judgement removed from our credit report, and L's son is 38-yrs-old!

Good grief; michaelw is EVERYWHERE!! What an asshat!

Gardenia said...

michaelw's URL leads me to believe this one should be left alone.

I only recommend attempting to clean up one's credit report if one has nerves of steel - or lots of vodka available for a long period of time. :)

Today I am asked a questions why our house payment always arrives exactly one date after it is due? Well, uh, if seven days isn't long enough to deliver an envelope 400 miles, what can we tell them?

My friends, today I heard the stock market is still sinking, not only in the U.S. but overseas and world wide as well - plus we are starting to play footsies with the North Koreans. Pay off your debts if you can, and hold on to your socks.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

I keep getting loan offers from all over the place. I mailed one lot back and said "Can I have a million pounds please. I won't pay you back anything but it would be nice"

They sent an application through the post!!!!

**Ya Think** said...

Hey there,

Go to Office Depot and get the Credit Report Kit. I believe you can get it on a CD if I am not mistaken. Follow it to a T. Send in your info and by law they have to remove anything you dispute. Dispute all of it. Especially the ones that could be done with no signature, such as utilities, etc. They remove it immediately, unless Bushie Boomer has changed that too. Then it is up to the company you challenge to put it back on.. Generally they don't... As you said, they are lazy. I think you will find about 80% of it will disappear.

THEN... If you think some have passed through your household and stolen info, you can actually go to the Social Security Administration and request a security addition for your Social Security Cards...

Once this is all done, I would suggest getting the Identity Theft Insurance. Identity Theft can only be on the increase with the current and upcoming rough times.

Hope you are doing ok.