Monday, June 09, 2008

Choosing to be Whole

Painting by Rod of God

I’ve been sharing my quest with you guys for some time… discovery that my body is something precious, uniquely mine, something to be grateful for, something to nourish and love and take care of. This body is connected to my mind and my spirit and all are working together for the good or the bad. I can choose increased energy, being a better person, a whole, healthy, and healed person who can embrace life and others to the utmost. That’s what I’m working for.

I want to practice Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Isn’t it interesting, that often when a person really needs something, that”something” will begin to come to them? As I said in my previous post – not always all at once, but a piece at a time and then we find that these pieces fit together and something beautiful happens.

Some people will think I’m nuts – I am seeing a controversial doctor, Doc Lovely, of whom I made mention, I’m going through conventional medical doctors for my back, I’m also using magnetic therapy, Pi Water – which I find is flushing my system amazingly and my mind is becoming clearer, much clearer, seminars, books, anything to get rid of the negative mind set I have lived in unwittingly and unasked for.

Side benefits? I’m 50 pounds lighter in body, pounds lighter in spirit, (and its only the beginning.) “H” is changing (unless I’m completely deluded) – this morning he sys I had inspired him to get up and “clean up” so to speak, he’s losing weight, has sought out a male friend from church to be friends with that will bring him higher – he’s doing things for me – he looks better, he feels better, he is actually starting to – drum roll in the background – communicate. We are even starting to look outside of ourselves socially – this is a major landmark – somewhere we had lost that - - we became ingrown, bitter, and grumpy and had started to hate one another. Where did we get lost? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. What matters is being found.

I am ashamed that the patriarch and matriarch of a family could not have been a better example and a source of more strength. BUT, one of my new "affirmations" is that "I need to release the past and forgive everyone, including myself." The point of power is always in the present moment.

I'm still understanding that sometimes when we change, the others prefer a known rut and will not grow, but I'm feeling good that no matter what other people choose, I'm no longer allowing inner rot into my soul. Hello life! Whatever you may bring!

We met a wonderful couple whose hearts are to bring people up – they serve, then another friends who saw me struggling just to walk to the baseball bleachers a couple of months ago introduced us. More pieces coming together. I want to hang around people who bring me up, and I want to be a “bringer upper” of others – another couple coming to visit tonight – so I have to go for now.

Its time to open doors, not sit in the dark gazing at the closed ones. Its time for the leaves of the tree to be for healing.....


Wandering Coyote said...

Wow - great post!

This is so like The Four Agreements in a lot of ways...Have you heard of it?

**Ya Think** said...

This is good... I liked it. I am glad you are doing so well.

Vicki said...

She takes flight with beautiful wings

Cherie said...

Most excellent! This encouraged more than you'll know, Gardenia. Thanks so much.

And congrats on all the positive stuff coming your way. You deserve it!

You are my role model, gal.

Gardenia said...

W.C., no I haven't read the Four Agreements yet, though its been recommended - seems like the substance of this message is being shouted from the roof tops in so many ways - its something for "now."

"Ya think," - perhaps not doing so well, but working hard on it?

I think one of the keys is - its important to lift those we can lift with us on those wings as well -

tweetey30 said...

Great that you are being brought up on this. Now I have to admit some days I feel like I am falling and falling and no one is there to pick me up. I will feel better after I get a job really. Well take care and I will post what I am thinking here in a bit.

Candy Minx said... fascinating that you are seeing alterations in those loved ones around you. It is true that one own change can be a shock for thier loved ones...but it seems as if you and your new found smile may have some inspiration for those in your life really really good to hear.

I think when we want to feel peace of mind in our own doesn't matter if others feel like making more light in their lives...but what an added bonus that even H is pitching in...

It is never too late!

Try to watch Oprah today it's a real humdinger!

Hattigrace said...

HOw beautiful!

LindyB said...

BHey there Gardenia! I loved this post! It reminds me of where I am at the moment. I'm 36 years old but I'm only really now starting to discover who I am. It has been a slow and painful process, but I know that God is right there with me, picking me up when I throw myself on the floor wailing that life isn't fair and I just can't carry on. Life really is beautiful when we led God take the steering wheel of our lives.