Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lazy Saturday Stress Reduction

We rousted ourselves out of bed early this am, Grandson and I, and headed for the open air fruit/plant/craft/art market that has become a success in downtown Martin Luther King Jr. park. Then I took him to a buffet breakfast where he snacked on raw spinach, lettuce, tomato, a huge piece of chocolate cake and water. I had an omelet, no cheese, but we'll see what damage that does - it felt heavy. Well, ok, confess, I ate a sausage too.

We purchased eggplant, string beans, yellow squash, cucumbers, a new creeping native ground cover plant, a bouquet of flowers (above) and a hand made leopard cat with a saucy personality. I am excited to make Eggplant Parmesan with spaghetti for dinner tonight and sides of steamed squash, string beans, and cold sliced cukes. A feast!

The red flower is a bloom from my hibiscus. It's glorious, yes?

Last, but not least, is an every day, several times a day occurrence....I bend over, my back catches and I drop a bunch of stuff. I just wait until someone comes by and picks it up, or I get on my knees late in the day and crawl around putting it away. It makes me want to cry. But, hey, I can crawl - what if it was a wheelchair!!! So, I can say I'm lucky I can get stuff picked up -

Hattigrace called me this a.m. and I felt really good about something I'd been pondering for a long time after talking with her. Will report on action taken when something starts to happen. Friends are better than diamonds or gold, any day. Also lots of encouraging comments to my last post...thanks, folks.

Happy Saturday................!


The Manic Street Preacher said...

You're an angel babe. Don't worry. Somebody'll be takin good care of you n yours.

That's the way it works

Even heathens like me know that ;-)


punxxi said...

I have a firend that lives in a wheelchair, basically only has the use of 1 arm, we have been friends online and irl for years. She lives alone in Oklahoma City and does pretty well for herself. She has MS and has not walked since i have known her , which is 12 years now. She is great. You need some of those pincher tong things that people use to get think=gs off of high shelves and off the ground, granted you won't be picking up pots and pans, but small things and that's a lot.

Gardenia said...

punxxi - already discovered the picker uppers. I can unload the dryer with them - and also I use my toes - I'm getting quite good with them - also I found if you can get an object just right, you can sort of roll it up your leg until you can reach it...oh, thank God I am not in a wheelchair - I broke my knee cap once and was supposed to use the chair, but I absolutely went crazy - but I was younger and even more impatient your friend - yes, we can always count our blessings if we look around enough!

Milla said...

How do you manage to grow hibiscus?? I tried for about 10 years adn have now given up...the plants ALWAYS die or become full of pests so I have to throw them away.

Cherie said...

Yes, crawling is better than a wheelchair.

Your Saturday sounds perfect! Beautiful flower and veggie pics. Gotta love summer, eh?