Sunday, June 22, 2008

Easy Sunday Musings.........

All right already, yes, I'm having a fascination with angels. About two and one half years ago I knew I was supposed to begin painting angels. Don't know what is taking me so long. Procrastination I guess.

I found a new channel which kept me awake long into the night last night. First I received a mysterious call from hattigrace. No speaking, just a dead air call. I hung up and called her back - she started telling me about We laughed ourselves silly when she said she hadn't called me, but her phone was in her purse, and it just went off. (God calling?) Well, being as I had just heard about from another friend in Virgina, I figured it was GOD talking to me again. So I got on the computer and sat enthralled, clicking on the daily program streaming link. The June 19th worship leader is a slip of a girl, who had a gift of stirring the heavenlies. Yes, I have to paint angels. When?

Spent yesterday with an old missionary friend who is wanting me to drive to Nicaragua with her in an RV. Now, that sounds like an adventure - a two week trip through Mexico to Nicaragua. She said she would only worry about the bandits in Guatemala. Will I do something that crazy? Stay tuned. I might. Wouldn't that make a cool blog? ......something like, well, I'm in El Salvador now..... anyway I guess its time time get my passport renewed.

And my trip to Wyoming looms ahead and I'm afraid I will have trouble getting there. I will pray the second set of nerve blocks are effective. And home - the home leg will take 17 hours thanks to cheap tickets and troubled airlines. I could fly to Japan in that amount of time, I think.

More nerve blocks tomorrow - hopefully to quell the remaining burning right foot and spasms on the left side of the back. Hope I get some anesthetic that will not make me feel awful for a week again and that I don't get that scary my legs don't work time again.

Big grandkids coming to stay for ten days - which will overlap the Wyo trip, but I am hoping the rest of my family will pick up where I leave off - I pray for strength and dollars to have some adventures with them...........the young one will love having cousins here....grandma will pay the exhaustion price, but it will be so worth every minute. Perhaps I can get the granddaughter to painting again...she is so talented.

Psycho cat killed another huge rat - left in in the garden - hmmmm, rat fertilizer - "H" put it in the garbage can sans plastic wrap and going out the door to the front of the house is totally disgusting - come on garbage man, then I will have to pour a gallon of clorox into the container.

Raining. But not enough to keep me from the beach. I'm a nice coffee with some milk kind of tan...its fun....gotta be careful though not to over do and turn into a prune. Oh, I love Florida, love it! Also pulling weeds from garden constantly. "H's" idea of putting down pine straw for mulch was to throw the bales into the garden for me to spread - but I will conquer - he finally found the pitch fork for me so I won't have to bend over to spread it - except now its full of weeds again and I have to bend to pull them.....

The boy and I picked produce out of the garden and I sprayed them with olive oil and garlic salt added, and put them in the basket into the George Foreman rotisserie that we saved from a garage sale and it was wonderful as was our organic rotisserie chicken - summer is SPEEDING by - and he still needs lots of practice on times tables and needs to get his reading in - he's become a social butterfly and wants to be with friends all the interesting and fun watching an ll year old teeter between being a teenager and a six year old.....

Just got a new Oprah magazine - seems chock full of wonderful stuff - I will clean house today a bit, then sit down with coffee for a cozy trip through the magazine wishing I could share all the cool stuff in it....I would like to rock up 5 miles on the elliptical today to make up for none the next few days, so I'll prop "Oprah" up and read....wish there was a way I could connect the TV to

Hope everyone is having a super great weekend....


My World said...

Goodmorning Diana,

I hope you don't mind that I added heavens meadow, I wanted to show what a gift you gave, very kind and sweet person you are. Thank you.

If you go to the south of the border, bring that killer cat, you might need him... lol..

I took that pic yesterday.. thanks

If you do Angles, start with the two that are with you all the time.



Hattigrace said...

Uh, there is. You need a very new TV and a very new laptop, then you can connect them!

I know, I have been thinking about getting a new laptop for that very reason.

Did you see RAMP last night?

I have three new videos on hattigrace blog. They are long. Worth it, at least in my opinion.

RAMP is having a gathering Aug 29, Friday. I wanna go. Maybe we could combine that with our art adventure?! Go to RAMP under gatherings, I think!

Gardenia said...

hattigrace, is RAMP in Dothan, AL? That would only be a hop, skip and jump...the praise and worship is fabulous - reminds me of Brownsville, only fresh for now....

my world, of course I don't mind....hmmm, I could put one of those spike collars on Psycho and that would scare away a lot of would be attackers - good idea. he's really rather embarrassing, when visitors come, he hisses at them - some people take an arrogant little ball of hissing fur seriously, some don't.......