Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sick Day - first cold of the fall season

Isn't it officially fall in a few days?

The photos were taken when the humidity was almost 100% and I couldn't keep the lense of the camera dry. I ran across this problem in Costa Rica - there has to be a remedy. Hmmm. BUT, I like the dreamy look of the photos. In fact I think acrylics and water color would be great studies for these photos.

What a day - everytime I go to the "third world" optometry clinic, I get pretty sick two days later. They probably never clean anything - you put your face on this equipment full of germs. First time I've ever worn or tried to wear I should say, contacts. I looked them up on the internet - seems a prescription has three lines of numbers - each eye has it's numbers and then the shape of the eyeball has its numbers. So I asked to see my prescription at the clinic, since I've been back 3 times for fitting.

They became quite offended and refused to let me see, let alone have, my presecription. I told them I was tired of trying on contacts like shoes trying to find a pair that fit. At one point, the second pair, they pushed two identical contacts at me - I asked them which was right or left - they said it didn't matter. OK! I know both eyes are not the same. The internet says you can get a pair of contacts that will allow you to see perfectly. The clinic says, NOT! Since it doesn't cost very much, I think I am going to another clinic and call this a practice run. Grrrrr.

I cleaned up the house a bit - especially the kitchen - pity the poor person who eats out of the dishes I just washed. Am now piled up in bed with computer, a bowl of supplements, a ton of highly filtered oxygenated magnetized water, plan to drink shakes and eat fruit for the day in an attempt to defeat this "bug." It has hung with me since I first went for the contacts about a month ago. I'm finding daytime TV is not the brainless wonder it used to be - there is Rachel Ray - which I love and think I will order one of her cookbooks, (all my oldest grandson's friends are HOT for her!)- Whoopi's talk show, "The View," Martha Stewart,and more. Whoopi is now discussing Focus on the Family's (another organization was involved) summit where somehow a booth was set up to sell "Obama 'Waffles" - I'm ashamed and offended. There's more that appears very racist. The folks who put the summit on reported that they didn't really know what was on the box. Pretty stunning snafu that was!

The house is shaping up, all the boy's stuff is here except for his school clothes - he stayed the night and I almost couldn't dress him for school. It's stil shorts and t-shirts here - although it seems to have cooled from the 90's to the 80's. Last summer I remember it tipped up to 100 a few times, but this summer has stayed around 90 degrees. Anyway, I hope he does not catch this bug. What a blessing this child is - I've never seen such a perennial sunshiny personality - he's known throughout his school for his great attitude. Brag, brag.

I'm trying to talk them into taking Psycho and the fish, to no avail. Poor neurotic little cat, no one wants him. I'll take care of him. I found a new super brand of catfood - it has blueberries, oatmeal and tons of other super healthy ingredients. He stands at the pantry door trying to turn the knob so he can feed himself. Awwww.

Time for a nap.


tshsmom said...

Focus On the Family isn't my favorite organization by a long shot! ;(

Morning TV didn't do much for me when I was home with my back. Too much news, which stressed me out and tightened up my muscles. Martha Stewart and the how-to shows just made me realize how much I wasn't getting done. I opted for DVDs. ;)

punxxi said...

I don't watch tv, i just cruise blogs and meet nice people...take care of yourself..those clinestas prolly don't wash their hands when they are messing with your contacts, no wonder you get sick. I had contacts that were the same in both eyes, but that was because they were pretty close and i did better with that... i really really really want lasic tho.Drink lots of green tea and get better soon as you can!

Say It said...

feel better. I can't imagine not having access to my eye prescription. I opt for catching up on movies when I get a chance at home.

punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

you know, looking at your pictures, that is my vision without my glasses!hope you're feeling better.

1:54 PM

Milla said...

I hope by now you are feeling much better!
Hey, I wouldn't mind looking after the Psycho cat. I have Pisko, I can therefore have a Psiko too :)

Hmmmm I hope you won't go to the germ-filled place to have your contact lenses checked anymore... The eyes are very fragile and delicate parts of the human body...

Red said...

Maybe I'm being really dense here, but why is "Obama Waffles" an offensive/racist slur?

Re your contacts: that sounds like a horrid experience! Whatever happened to the service industry? Especially the US service industry, which we in Europe have always felt was the best?

I have never worn contacts. The thought of something in such close proximity to my eyes freaks me out! Plus, I have so little time, I sometimes don't even remove my make-up before going to bed (and I don't even wear make-up every day!), so fiddling with solutions etc is not for me. I have bought a new pair of glasses,though, and I love them so much I wear them even when I don't have to! Does that make me a dork? I guess it might!