Monday, September 01, 2008

Feet Story

Someone asked me for a "product review" from time to time with my Nikken. Well, I have a lot of raves about EVERYTHING, but I'll focus - one at a time.

Most people take their feet for granted. A part of the body. But mine have been a life long tale of woe.

Shoes - I love high heels and sexy open shoes - always have. Once in a while I'll wear heels - like when I was Miss KATI (or when I'm mad). I was chosen to promote a radio station by walking around in the winter in a bathing suit and 3" heels. Duh. Don't know if anyone noticed how knock kneed I am. But, at least I can say I was Miss - - - something once in my life.

Most of the time I can't wear really pretty shoes without a lot of pain because I've always had foot troubles. As a child I wore built up shoes - big heavy oxfords with special soles and insteps built in - when all the other little girls wore Mary Janes. (It didn't help my feet, nor knees.) One year I decided to hide my shoes in the bushes when going to grade school and go to school barefoot. Crazy, because I blamed the shoes for not allowing me to "be like everyone else" but didn't associate the fact that going to school barefoot would set me apart as well. Somehow, my parents never found out. People probably felt very sorry for the little girl thinking my parents couldn't afford shoes now that I think about it!

All my pre-teen and teen years, I stood in a doorway doing foot exercises. Maybe that's why I hate exercise. (That also did not help my feet or knees.)

I had surgery on one of my feet to correct part of the problem. The surgery made the foot worse. Then I broke my knee cap, which made walking worse.

Because of those childhood issues caused by my feet and self esteem, I swore, absolutely swore that when I grew up I would NEVER wear lace up shoes. In fact I do not wear shoes, only when I absolutely have to. Well, I succeeded in keeping the lace up shoe vow, except for the last year because my back hurt so bad. So, I did it (I would do most anything). I went out and purchased athletic shoes. They help some. I still hated having my feet in socks and shoes - they felt - trapped.

Then, some other folks in the Nikken business offered me the use of a "demo pair" of shoes to build strength in back, legs, and abs, in other words, the body "core." They made my feet feel wonderful. They also make my posture completely straight. And my toes. And, they energized me! After a couple of hours, I could "feel the burn" in my legs and glutes. They make me want to walk! Also they act as foot weights - I can sit in a chair to work the abs, the back, and the muscles that hold the knees together.

I wear them to do what household chores that I do. I wear them to Walmart - a great place to walk when it is storming. Some people stared. Is it because I look so good thinner, ("H" says thinner equals taller for me, but I think he likes it) or because my shoes are so crazy (the photos don't do them justice), OR could it be because the shoes' soles are probably 2inches thick and I would be - oh, a 6'4 (and very erect) woman in these shoes? Hmmmmm. I don't care, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my shoes, they are energizing! Also I found the posture benefit stays with me for a while after the shoes come off. "H" also bought a black pair to wear to work where he stands on a cement floor eight hours a day. His feet, for the first time in his working life, do NOT hurt. He is thrilled with good feeling feet.........and with being taller and straighter.

I call my Nikken products that I use, my miracle products. More later.


Danielle said...

We are blessed to be tall ladies...but oh the foot problems! I have some too and some of the women in my family do as well. Not fun.

Candy Minx said...

I am similar, I am not crazy about wearing running shoes, they can feel so constricting. I only wear if I am excercising or at a certain work environment, like house painting. I love slip on shoes, no hallses! high heels etc.

I love being barefoot!

Babe said...

Oh, the feeling of bare feet!
I never,ever wear shoes at home.
If I do my dog knows right away that I am going out.
However, these shoes to which you speak sound extraordinary.