Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Color Green

I love green. It is a soothing color. My walls are green - but soon to go gray and tones of gray. I feel like a gray, green, purple, gold palette. All around me in nature is lush and green. It just killed my soul out in Wyoming to be planted in the middle of dust. Yet, you can't take Wyoming out of me - I love the colors of the prairie in spring bloom - the purples, lavenders, golds, yellows, all shades of green, greenish gray.

Today, I patrolled my yard and, much to my delight, discovered the first year of banana bearing! There is an absolutely gorgeous bloom - look at THAT color! - with a bunch of baby 'nanas clustered around it. They are probably the length of my fingers and a lot fatter. The "bloom" is bodacious.

I also found a lone blooming gardenia - I wish I could blog the scent, it smells so heady and wonderful.

Grandson found a pine cone with its life aborted - the storm blew it off prematurely, but even in that raw, prickly plant is luscious green - tender and full of life.

Last, but not least, "H" found a great deal on a green chair - it was for the living room, but I dragged it to the study. I want to paint the walls a smoky purple and hang green, rabbit brush gold, and sagebrush purple flowered curtains and sew cushions. That's what I want. We'll see.

I can't seem to stop sleeping today. Living in on the perpetual edge of perpetual storms bringing rain, gloom, balmy wind, assorted lightning and tornado warnings is getting boring. I pray for friends up the east coast as the ornery twirling storms decide where they will light.


Wandering Coyote said...

That banana blossom looks like an upside down ear of corn! Wow. Very cool. I've never seen a banana blossom before - and I'm jealous you're going to have your own banana crop! I've stopped buying them because they're not "local" but you won't have a problem there!

Hattigrace said...

I love green too!!!!

punxxi said...

half of my house is green, 2 rooms are a very pale purple and 1 is light blue...colors that I love the green is a light green with bluish-gray undertones instead of the usual yellowish caste...I love outdoor colors! When I was a kid, we had a banana tree but I don't think we ever ate the bananas.

Red said...

My favourite colour used to be red, but I myself am leaning more towards green at the moment. Maybe I'm losing my fire, who knows?!

Our two bedrooms are red and green respectively. The red one (where we sleep) is cozy and warm, a bit sexy, nocturnal; the green one is bright and joyous, always full of light. They are very different, but I like them both, for different reasons.

tshsmom said...

Z and I want to paint our kitchen a sage green. L doesn't like green. :(

Babe said...

Green has always been my very favorite color!
I recently learned that Asian folk consider Green to be the color of "Hope".
Also, FBI profilers consider people who prefer the color Green to be of very high intelligence.
well.... duh....LOL
Bananas are one of the most healthy foods to be eaten.
Two of them will provide enough energy for a 45 minute workout.
You go,Girl!!
Love the chair too. Style as well as color.

Biddie said...

I am more of a purple girl, myself. All shades.
Our house is very boring, with white walls. We are going to paint, one of these days.....

Milla said...

I love green, especially the rich, deep green that you see on the fields in my village in late April, May and early June. For me, this kind of green is the colour of life and good weather and late spring (the best time of the year).