Friday, September 19, 2008

Jeans, in search of


Ever heard of "Not your Mama's Jeans?" Well, "mommy jeans" have been a yucky word among the 20's and younger crowd. With the waistline coming back up, it gets confusing as to which jeans or mommy - or not. I ordered a pair of dress jeans that fit a little bit low compared to what I usually wear, thinking, "Well, one or two pair of jeans could be total wardrobe for winter with assorted tops."

Then, I cleaned out my dresser drawers and found a pair of my daughter's jeans - I put them on and, oh my gosh, they fit. However, the low, low cut is something to get used to. What I'm loving is the color. And I'll wear long full tops with them - I can't stop giggling when I see someone's butt poking out over the top of their pants.

These low-cuts are deadly for girls, women with tummies - but I'm thinking, should I care? Don't know too many people without a tummy any more.

Once, while in Bebe's in New Orleans I was overcome with desire for a pair of BeBe jeans that looked like something out of "Mad Max." The matching vest had wild looking hair/fur trim. I can not get out of the notion that clothes are not something that are pieces of artwork rather than utilitarian pieces to cover the body.

Growing up, I wore the ugliest jeans ever, but switched to Levi when I was a young woman - unfortunately the only way I could get the legs long enough was to buy men's Levi jeans which were also low cut. Levi is always popular in Cowboy Country.

My stepdad always insisted I change out of school clothes into jeans - but jeans back thenh were UGLY. I remember them as being totally uncomfortable and I was too selfconscience with my, back then relatively) un-tummy, being squeezed over the top of the waist band. As thin as I was back then it was probably only skin! After that I refused to wear jeans for a very, very long time.,

Now, there are thousands of jeans in all sizes, styles, fabrics with a huge range of prices. I once ordered a pair off of ebaby, but found you just have to try them on. I am so glad that we can wear them almost anyplace we want to go.

Most jeans are like Birkenstocks - even if expensive, I can get ten years of wear out of a pair, which brings the price waaaay down. Justification? Maybe.


Hattigrace said...

$120 jeans you keep for only five years cost 6 1/2 cents a day!!!!

Gardenia said...

not bad, not bad, HG! :)

Milla said...

I live in my jeans; I will probably want to be buried in them. They are so comfy! And they come in a million colours and they wash nicely and they don't need ironing (perfect for me that I haven't got an iron/ironing board). I have 3 or 4 pairs in different shades of blue, a couple of black ones and a dark purple pair (my favorite).

I tend to buy the kind called 'bootcut': my legs are short and fat and the bootcut type are very good for masquerading that.

Marylin Monroe worse jeans too!

Milla said...

I meant to write Marylin Monroe WORE jeans too. I don't think hers were 'worse' ah ah

Gardenia said...

I loved MM in jeans with her curvey figure. Now those were sexy "mom" jeans! All you 20 and belows, pay attention to that! Purple is my second favorite color, Milla and I too prefer bootcut because I am horribly knockneed! Stove pipe jeans make my legs look like broken pipes, LOL!

Camie Vog said...

You may not believe me, but you are the inspiration to my weight loss. I have lost ten pounds, with another 25 to go. Because of those missing 10 pounds, I am able to get into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear in almost seven years! Being that so much time has past since getting into said pants, I can say that they are not Lowrider style. It is SO nice not having my ass slip out in public when I wear them! My friend switched to Levi's, as they now offer a more hip friendly cut. When I lose the next 10 pounds and am looking for a new pair, I'll try those and report back. :)

tshsmom said...

Yup, you gotta try them on! I swear that jean sizes are fictitious! I own jeans in sizes ranging from 12-16, and they ALL fit me.

punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

wranglers fit pretty good, the ones with a litle stretch to them anyway. The jeans i wear most are kinda ratty looking, they are london jeans from victorias secret and are button front, called boyfriend cut. It took me a long time to figure out that the only pants that dont sag in the butt are junior sizes( they make some pretty jumbo junior sizes, yanno)? I live in jeans and t-shirts and tennies or lumberjack boots. comfort is more important to me than looking hot(impossible anyway)

Gardenia said...

Congrats. Camie! I know how hard it is! I am really struggling with these last 30 pounds. Doesn't it feel good to get into the small ones that have been hanging around for ages?

Punxxi, I've been eyeing the Victoris Secret ones because there TALL sizes mean Tall - what inseams! - but not brave enough to go to the store after being eyed like something from Planet X by the salesgirls years thanks for the hint! After wearing daughter's for a while, I think I don't have enough butt either -

I LOVE the stretch jeans best - into comfort nowadays foremost.

Tshsmom - well, sizes are really unpredictable anymore - depends on, I think, whether its a Chinese size, or a Sri Lanka size, or some other nationality where the exploitive factories reside - but I guess workers don't mind working for $.13 an hour - most are grateful for it - but I once saw a documentary where an east Indian woman was hopping mad when she found out what these things sold for in the US!

Candy Minx said...

I used to do the same thing when I was young with jeans...get boys jeans because of the length. I'd even roll them up. We used to wear our new jeans toboganning down snow to wear them in and shrink them.Or I would customize them, open seams re swe them etc.

That is so long in the past now. Then I used to wear tight to the ankle jeans in my punk days. Sort of like the emo kids wear now. I used to only wear black jeans at one point. All the phases...

But I got the most wonderful fitting jeans this spring...I may have e-mailed you about them...on sale. Stella McCartney. Two pairs they are awesome and will probably last quite a while. I was surprised she made them in my size.

It's a lot easier to find sexy jeans that suit everyone now.

I may go and get a pair of the boyfriend jeans by Levi's but...I don't know. With these two pairs of Stella jeans...I am more than set up. They do fit on the hip...but very nicely. No muffin top.

punxxi said...

you can order from victorias online, the london jeans run about 1 size bigger than you think ou wear but they don't come in junior sizes so mine have a saggy butt, not that I really care for my everyday stuff anyway =o

Babe said...

Jeans are timeless!
I, too, have found a pair that fits below the "regular" waist...wear them with long tops or blazers. Looks great,feels great.
Levis,to me, are the best pair of jeans in the world.
Like you...I began wearing them at a young age...yes the mens wear first...and became addicted.
Jeans are the most difficult thing to shop for though!
They simply must be tried on first.
Congrats on your new fall pair!!

tweetey30 said...

I buy a 20 dollar pair of jeans and they last for sometime or go to ST. Vincent Depauls and get jeans for 2 dollars a piece.. But glad this is working out for you.

Red said...

I only wear Levi's as they're the only jeans that fit me nicely.

I tried switching to cheaper brands, but they were such crap quality, I didn't want to wear them. The stitching was all askew, and they just looked unflattering. So Levi's is it for me. I just found a beautiful pair (for my new, improved body size!) at half price. So what if they're last season! I've never claimed to be trendy... :)