Saturday, September 13, 2008

Readjusting to New Life Events

Thought for the day - isn't it amazing that women carry handbags EVERYWHERE and rarely, if ever, lose them? The woman passed out on the bed with her handbag tucked firmly under her arm is proof of this uncanny ability that women have....BUT I have noticed lately that men are carrying bags as well - not many, but is this a trend that is picking up? Awesome. They should not miss out on the joy of being able to put the contents of- a whole filing cabinet in a space 1/8 the size of a file drawer, complete with lipstick, hair product, brush, planner, financial items, grocery lists, maybe a water bottle, wet wipes, AND your kid's "stuff." Congrats, guys!

The purple bag is on my dream list.

On to recent happenings - we had high (for our area - a mere whisper compared to Wyoming) winds for a couple of days and its still blowing as Ike does dirty deeds on down the coastline. I watched the progression of the storm. Being hit so terribly once develops a kindred with others suffering in the same way. I had good intentions of getting to the beach to photograph the water for posting - water was coming over the piers and also flooding downtown.

"H's" new hours will be difficult for me, but not as difficult as those days when I was working and caring for kids and house in a blue ribbon way. Last night was awakened at 11:30 when he got home - to tell me the meat freezer had gone out at work.

I stifled my urge to say naughty words since I'm killing the negativity in my life and staggered out of bed to get a drink of water and listen. I mean that's the least I can do - I didn't have to pull all the meat out of mile-long (almost that big!) counters to make sure it stayed cold until the refrigeration man arrived in the night. Ah, rather it would have been an ardent "H" with flowers, a bottle of wine, and freshly showered instead of smelling like a raw roast. Real life.....two middle age folks standing in the kitchen at midnight - one smelling of raw roast, the other, half-awake with silly bed-hair.

The "kids" are out and staying in their new home, except for grandson for now - and I welcome him greedily to enjoy him while I can. He's having a peaceful day. Daughter had to go to work - so she'll lose the weekend - "H" and I cleaned on her nearly empty bedroom and I've decided on a nice gray with a tinge of sea foam blue in it for the walls.

My grandson is trying to get me to buy a "Shark" floor cleaner that is on TV - I better pay attention to him.

There is now a program selling a "Core" workout - the movements appear to be for very young, also very fit, not over 24 year old women - I can't imagine what those movements would do to a spine...ok discipline, get hair done, dishes done, make beds, go to grocery store -


Hattigrace said...

Hmmm, thanks for this. TT's bday October 1. I am going to find him a nice man bag bc he always has to bring his meds n stuff n he has them in a cloth bag that looks like he is a hobo!!! LOL! Love you!

tshsmom said...

Z insists that we call his "purse" a messenger bag. Just because he carries a laptop and books in his, doesn't mean that it's not a purse! L would NEVER carry a man-bag. He prefers to load up MY purse with his junk. Then he has the nerve to ask why I always buy big purses! ;)

"Real life.....two middle age folks standing in the kitchen at midnight - one smelling of raw roast, the other, half-awake with silly bed-hair."
LOL!! THIS is what marriage is all about. That scenario has been played at our house many times, except L comes home smelling like french fries. ;)

Candy Minx said...

So many guys carry bags. I wonder if it kind of came around the 60's when people were backpacking and traveling through hostels in europe or hitch hiking. Young men found how convenient it is to have stuff ina bag. Stagg always has some kind of a bag, unless we're just going out for a couple of hours. He has raincoats, umbrellas, probably a lunch!

I thought this was a lot fun when I gave thought to your observation that women often can sleep with their purse under their arm. Very funny stuff.

Gardenia said...


Milla said...

I can see that in London, generally, my fellow commuters of the male variety all carry a bag of some kind; in here they are called 'metrosexual': handbag, nice clothes/suits, nice trendy shoes -but the handbag is the most important detail.

Babe said...

Your Dream Board Rocks!
What a clever idea.

Love that bag too.....
I believe some men DO carry bags and either call them "Briefcases" or "Back-packs."
My men do, anyway.
Happy for your semi-empty nest?
Enjoy Sage.....

Must also say, having been married nearly 26 yrs., that kitchen scenerio is quite typical here!!!