Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to the Land of the Living

Have been a bit delinquent posting and commenting. Partially because of frustration with Blogger and partly because of being under the weather with the flu. The last three days, I've been up more and more. I'm the only person I know that would have the flu for three weeks and gain weight.

I know I'm better because instead of sleeping all the time, I am awake at night - the long sleeps felt really good, super good, and I have been leisurely sleeping through the night - and most of the days.

The cat is better and itching to go outside again. I'm trying to keep him in, but he is absolutely crazy when he can't go out.

This video is from the demo at the art party before the sick came back around and hit me second round a bit worse.

Getting excited - I'm going to work with a few other artists once a week - we all pitched in some $ to have a live artist's model contracted for a month or two.

Too much allergy inducing stuff in the air to do any yard work, even if I felt like it - but fall preparations are calling loudly, maybe soon.

Ah - the drowsiness approaches.....

Not much new - the weather has cooled down to between 75 and 85 degree centigrade.

Cleaning out the study to make it into a studio.....hope it isn't dragged out forever!!!!


tweetey30 said...

Cool video.. You think its cold there. Its suppose to snow again today here.. LOL.. Yes I said the terrible S Word..... Its cold and gloomy here.

Gardenia said...

It seems impossible it could be snowing somewhere (other than the Artic Circle - :)

Four Dinners said...

It's only woman flu!!!

Scientifically proven (admittedly by men scientists) to be not half as bad as man flu as women have more defences and things.

Glad yer feeling better babe x

Wandering Coyote said...

The new Blogger comments forms SUCK THE BIG ONE. I am really frustrated with them, too. The embedded comments forms are terrible - and what have they done to the pop-up window comments forms? Well, it's no longer a pop-up window! I'm so annoyed.

Glad you're feeling better!

punxxi said...

glad you're on the punxxi was sick about a week but now he's better, too.