Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fuzzy Troubles

Mr. Psycho, poor dear, looked up at me and I noticed an egg sized (large egg) swelling on the side of his face. That was Thursday, he had an appointment Friday and by then was really in bad shape. He was definitely in distress, pain, shaking his head and his leg. He had an abscess of unknown origin and had to have surgery for drainage and a shunt put in as well as a course of antibiotics.
Truthfully, I suspected Big Mama, aka Ms. Meowie of foul play. She is soooo bossy, pushing him around all the time - she could have bopped him. She guards my bedroom and won't let the poor boy in, although its odd, I think she knows he's a walking wounded and she let him in for a nap with me today. She often herds him away from the area where I feed them. I always make sure he gets to eat, he's a nice meaty 12 pound he's ok there. Multiple cat houses present their problems.
Anyway, he's home from vet and overnight stay, sleeping a lot, but also occasionally begging to go outside - silly boy.....NOT! The brats have been expensive this month - flea meds - and as soon as his infection is gone, they both need their vaccination updates. Silly me, I was just begging "H" to get me another Maine Coon, a rescued one - must have temporarily lost my mind.
"H" has gone up to see if he can give grandson some relief from "chores" and pressures and maybe we can take him to dinner.
I keep sleeping, sleeping, sleeping - I think my lungs are perceptibly better, now if sinuses will heal! I've tried the pot of steaming mustard water.....woo hoo - like inhaling sushi, wasabi fumes that is!


Wandering Coyote said...

OMG - tell me about multiple cat houses and their challenges! Juno still can't get along with J's cats and, although it's settled down quite a bit since spraying with cat pheromones (have you tried that, BTW?), it's still annoying! I also hear you on the vet bill situation - grrrr! I just plopped down over $40 for some special diet cat food for Juno and she doesn't appear to appreciate it at all!

My. Psycho is gorgeous!

Captain Karen said...

Poor little guy! I hope that everything gets sorted out and he'll be ok. Big Brother's little furry pal had a similar lump - turned out he had got into a fight with another outdoor cat and had a claw stuck in his head which became infected. Ugh. It was disgusting.

Gardenia said...

The little derelicts! Double, double, toil and trouble takes on new meaning!

Milla said...

mustard water.....woo hoo - like inhaling sushi, wasabi fumes that is

Just reading this makes my eyes all watery!

A couple of years ago Pisko had to have all his teeth but three pulled out because of an infection -and we only noticed because of the swelling; he was still eating and being his usual self. Now he only has one tooth left.

Candy Minx said...

Aw, poor cat. Good thing you were able to get him an appointment.

It sounds like you need the sleep and I'm glad you were able to take the rest. Hope by today you are feeling better.

tweetey30 said...

That is terrible. I hope he heals well and fast.. Scratch his ears from us girls..

Yes hope you are feeling loads better by today.. Its raining and cold here.. I hate it.. I didnt have to work again today. I am hoping I have to work the rest of hte week though..

punxxi said...

he is a cat in good hands tho, you are a very responsible owner! Hope both of you feel tops soon as possible!