Thursday, October 08, 2009

How much does it cost to play shoot at the moon?

What could the leaders of the country possibly be thinking? Crashing into the moon to see if it has water when many U.S. States have 10% plus unemployment rates, when 42% of the world has decent drinking water, leaving the rest of the world to cope with water borne illnesses that are the major killers of people?

Are they going to ship clean water from the moon to undeveloped nations? Will this water cure sick people? Will we be able once again to put Halliburton to work in building a interspace water pipeline? In the meantime kids go without school books because there is no money to buy any. People here go hungry and go without medical care.

Does NASA employ 12 year old boys who have not had to live out on their own in the real world? Having a grandson this age, I realize bombing things like planets is part of play, but who is working at NASA? Who gives the ultimate ok to spend billions on something like this? I don't understand. I loved this quote from someone on the net, among hundreds of others, from people who are just shaking their heads and wondering how they will pay their tax bills come March 2010.

Well, never mind the quote, blogger won't post paste and copy material anymore - or else I suddenly had a blank place in my brain and can't retrieve how one performs the procedure.

Ah - here's a link - maybe that feature will perform tonight.....let's's very tongue in cheek and funny. Sort of funny. If we weren't going without to pay for NASA's play time.


Captain Karen said...

I agree Gardenia. while I wouldn't do away with the space program altogether the amount of money spent on sending cameras to mars and blowing up the southern pole of the moon could easily be used to help solve or at least alleviate some of the massive problems facing the US (and other countries)such as unemployment, poverty, hunger, education, the homeless, and, dare I say it....HEALTHCARE?

tweetey30 said...

I wish they could find other ways of sending fresh water over to other places instead of blowing up Mars.. Or the Moon or wherever is next.. Our space programs are great but not when you look at the money they are spending by sending someone or something up to try and see if there is fresh water.. Yikes..

Come and lets look at this. My friend from Uganda Africa is here in the US and in WI for that matter speaking to churches again and not staying with us. She is trying to get help building more water towers over in Uganda. Since she left if in March she has three built already.. Amazing isnt it??

Four Dinners said...

As there is, apparently, no intelligent life out there why not send up all our politicians? They'd fit right in!

Wandering Coyote said...

I agree with you 100%.