Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Be or Not to Be

Thanksgiving is coming! I want to go to Atmore to the Indian celebration, as does oldest daughter. No one else does. I think it would be fun - could have a traditional dinner anytime. Who says food is Thanksgiving?

Speaking of food: For some time, I've been thinking about going vegetarian, maybe even vegan. Lots of reasons - I love animals, birds, fish - praying mantis (no I don't eat those) - but my conscience bothers me soooo
And I worry about bacteria, hormones that I don't choose with my doctor's input, if growth hormone is illegal for me, (even though proven to cure things like Crohns, to rebuild bones, etc., etc.) why would I eat it vicariously in unmeasured dosages through my beef?
It's a contribution for me to "Go Green." I'm 3/4 of the way there, I don't eat beef, I think I ate it once in the last 8 months, or pork. Just chicken and fish. So I'm 3/4 there.
And I have about 20 more pounds to shed!!!
Problems - "H" is avid meat eater. But then we've always eaten differently from one another anyway. I feel as this would also be a commitment to go organic, or mostly organic because its also for health reasons - and its more expensive. I LOVE turkey. And fish tacos. I can't eat pasta - it converts to fat almost immediately. Well, I can eat it 1/2 cup at a time, but what joy is in only 1/2 cup?
Finding lots of wonderful recipes on line - I added some vegetarian blogs to the food portion on the lists on the left.
So, yeh, off on another tangent. Having a ball though.
The glue is holding the toe together it appears - didn't go to draw the model tonight - worried about charcoal dust in my burns - but next week, I'm on again.
Well, time to watch Cougar Town - its hilarious.


Four Dinners said...

It did cross my mind once but it was immediately followed by Caz making me a bacon there you's Caz's fault...;-)

Biddie said...

I can't imagine not eating meat. I don't think that a tofu turkey or anything else would appeal to me. Shawn likes veggie burgers, but I like the real stuff.
Thanksgiving is about so much more than the food, but my kids would rebel if we skipped the turkey.

Milla said...

I don't eat meat in London or when I travel, but i DO eat meat when I'm in my village in Italy, because I know the butchers and I know where the meat comes from, I know that it is 100% organic and the animals eat the clean grass of my village -no chemicals or hormones of any kind.
In London however...I wouldn't touch meat with a barge pole.
I love fish, though.

Veganism s very hard if, like me, you love cheese and honey. And Muller Rice.