Friday, October 02, 2009

How nice! We can now size photos on blogspot. I just can't find the delete feature. I don't like the most recent "tweaking" of the program. Oh well, they didn't ask me anyway.
Saturday will be week two of this virus/whatever. I've been getting up with the sunrise, and living life in a series of naps. I have all kinds of engagements to be at this weekend, not sure if I'll make it to any, we'll see. Not only am I extremely low on energy, but the sinus infection portion of the illness lingers on. I do not want to make anyone else sick by going to events where there is close contact, food, etc.
This weird lifestyle is kind of fun, but at heart I'm a regular hours kind of person, so I suppose I will be switching back to 10 or 11 bedtime soon and arising around 6 or 7 a.m. in order to get something done in the day time.
The weather has tipped cool enough to go walking in the a.m. "H" is content to sleep until its time to go to work - so the plan is, as soon as I am well, to find some new, safe, walking paths and enjoy the sunrise with or without a companion. I hate exercise, but then when I can't do it, I long to get back to it. At these times I wish I had a dog that was protective. Recently, at any time, a protective dog would have been nice.
The times are gone when I will go to isolated areas by myself. This is not a walking conducive town - many people get run over and killed here - just walking and minding their own business.
I was surprised - even a "backward" state like Wyoming seems to have lots of walking paths placed in pretty areas - there is a new gym around the corner - but expensive. The economical one is across town so have to add gas to a membership. I resist giving someone access to my bank account for "monthly" fees - been there and done that and these deals are just about impossible to get out of. I think I need to invent some ideas that would make the elliptical less boring. It's safe, dry, maximum output for time invested - but yes, boring. And, after the huge, muggy summer, I crave fresh air. Would love to open wide the windows and let fresh air in.
One window is covered in a mass of rotting vegetation. I keep wanting to go pull the vines down but thinking a lot of fungus in the sinus and lungs right now is probably not a good idea.....everything needs its fall fertilization, the lawn, the palms, the trees. I need to do stuff that includes inhaling puffs of "stuff" into my lungs. My 83 year old mother that had the recent hip operation is out digging, pulling, preparing for winter - I can't fathom 35 degree weather yet, but know it happening! I wish I had her constitution. She's rarely ill. She's still convinced that death is imminently close - go figure.
I had better get moving, cleaned up, lessons, trip to vet, to store for still life materials - make art area presentable.....find cat show tonight. I miss grandson something awful - - perhaps he'll be able to come for short visit tomorrow - will have snacks ready -
I think I will go up to the store and get some pumpkins and maybe corn - have someone coming for art lessons - would make a great still life for charcoal. Probably shouldn't be inhaling that either - don't know whether to call the doctor again for another antibiotic or just let it wear itself out. Its obviously a penicillin resistant bacteria, if indeed its a bacteria. My doctor prescribes through messages sent to his office help. Oh, I forgot - Psycho's baseball growth is back on the side of his face - I will try to get him to vet this today - I have to! I wonder maybe if she would check my sinuses? If he is getting abscesses from Big Mama bopping him, I have a bigger problem.
Notices she's getting even overprotective of my bed - she was trying to butt "H" out last night! Just got rid of a freak who wants to run my house - now a cat? Do I look like a "pansy?" A pushover? Don't answer that.


Four Dinners said...


Never been a regular hours sleeper myself. I can crash out now and sleep until 7pm then be up most of the night if I like. Caz doesn't like though so I don't...

Bit of an 'old wives tale' I guess but, when I had a bad cold as a kid my nan would put my head over a bowl of hot water into which she'd put lots of mustard. Then wrap a towel round to keep the steam on my face. It seemed to work. Give it a go!

tweetey30 said...

I have heard that one too. Not sure if it works or not. I have never tried it. My great grandmother used to do that to my mother all the time.. I have never heard of putting mustard in it. Anyway enough of that you are not a pansy.. You are not a pushover. You just have a cat that loves you and wants to be with you.. I know Snowie has been in those moods lately also. I let her sleep with me until Jeff comes to bed and then she doesnt want to move when he comes to bed.. LOL. Cute shit..

Wandering Coyote said...

What do you mean, we're able to size photos now - you mean in addition to being able to choose small, medium, and large? I'll have to take a look!

I'll do a post later today about WordPress, so you can have a better idea of what it's like.

Gardenia said...

Yes, Coyote - click on the photo in the edit mode, and you will see it outlined with circles on the corners, but your cursor on corner, drag it....there ya go!

Wandering Coyote said...

I hate to say this but...I've been doing that for AGES! I'm not kidding! Have you just switched to Firefox or something?

Milla said...

AHHAHAHAHA 'PANSY' I just love that word!

I follow the words of one of my heroes, Bill Hicks:
I need my sleep, I really do. I need 8 hours a day...and about 10 at night.
I really cannot function unles I sleep at least 8 hours each night, or more. I remember reading a post here when it was 4am and you were up making coffee: my god! That would be my death, to be up so early.

I hate excercising too, but walking is good, especially if you have a bad back. I walk to work, never in isolation -I wouldn't do that in London.
Can you watch television while you are on the elliptical?

And are you sure yours is not swine flu?