Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rocky winter

Been kind of "out of it" for a few days, a week, more. October a hard month, November too - although I did good, and only had one day of really hard crying. But I give myself that - sometimes we just miss someone so much, that we have to let it out. And I've had new pain radiating from my neck and its been a bear to deal with. So that's where I've been. And addicted to Farmtown, and quicky FB posts.

Had to post pic of my home state, since I was lost in revery for a while. My mother sent me a couple of boxes of "stuff" from Wyo that contained son's drawings, some writing, some art prep materials, etc., etc., pics of kids, my grandma who is no longer with us, and newspaper clips of my oldest daughter who won "Player of the Year" in Wyoming and "Best All Around Athlete" - these were state level awards and who now lives with chronic crippling pain. Being a young athlete takes its toll.

A pic of my grandma in front of a Thanksgiving bird - she always insisted I set the turkey on the table whole and not cut up. I smiled looking at the photo - she was so old and shrunken up, the turkey was as big as her - but she had a huge smile plastered on her face.

My baby book with 8 of my teeth taped into it, and locks of my hair. That's over 60 years ago - didn't realize paper lasted that long - till now. Oh - just joking on that!

It's cold here now....brrrr. Down to the 60's.

So, its been an odd period of weeks here - - - I want to come back to Blogspot and be creative.....need to know what all of you are up to and what is going on in your lives too!

Daugher going to concert with Emily Autumn in New Orleans this weekend - so I have grandson then, yippee! Perhaps I will take him to the new disaster movie - 2012 - I went the other day - if one is an adrenalin junkie, I would recommend it - not bad for a diaster movie. Rather unsettling actually.

Christmas shopping already - woo hoo - I love this zany month - I even have my fake holly all around the room partition to the kitchen.


Four Dinners said...

Cryings fine babe. Better out than in eh? ((((hugs))))

Down to 60? I assume you mean farenheit? I'd be in Bermuda shorts at 60!!!

Must be about 40 here tops

My voddy keeps me does Caz of course...;-)

punxxi said...

it's in the 40's and 50's here, wind and rain continues. Christmas shopping was "officially" started today, although i got mr punxxi a refurbed ipod a month or so ago. ubid is my favorite place to shop online.I hope the rest of the year goes so much better for you! i have been neglecting fb for a couple of farm must be over run by now...

Wandering Coyote said...

You think the 60s is COLD???? LOL!

A good cry is very cathartic and yes, you must allow yourself that every once in a while to get it all out.

I find November to be a hard month, but thankfully, it seems to be moving quickly. Mind you, I like December even less...

Milla said...

"October a hard month, November too"

Yes. I agree with you completely.

And crying is good, especially when you need to let it all out.

tweetey30 said...

Havent started shopping yet and this year is going to be light again.

60 degree's?? its down to the 30's here at night. Now that is BRR... LOL.. Hope you get back to us soon.. Miss you around here..