Saturday, November 07, 2009

Extraordinary Super Cat Massage Therapist

Company has gone home - I've cleaned my lair and it is inviting me to come.....relax.......sleep

A few days back I heard a very loud pop in my neck and then a couple days later another.....and I have had some serious pain in my shoulder down into my arm - don't like how it feels, too similar to the one leading to surgery in the neck, I sure hope it's just something like sleeping crooked as they say, I hope I hope. In the mean time, I have this compassionate helper......never mind he has the wrong arm - his heart is in it. What does it mean when they drool during a massage? Deep concentration? Obviously, it really wore him out.

Hope to get back to normal routines tomorrow! Grandson came to visit today - we had a very quiet laid back day - although I wanted to go to the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival. But it was a good day.

Well, I just asked "H" if he wanted to watch "Madea goes to Jail." "Uhhhhneyehhhhh. " I reply, "Is that a yes or a no?" "Oh, if YOU want to." If I want to what? I think it means, "No, don't you know that football is on again tonight?" I think. Not sure. Not like there is not three TV's in the house - heck, I'm going to watch Madea, if he doesn't want to, he can go do the foooooootbaw! After 30 years I am starting to understand a little bit what Unneyeh means.

Eeeehaw! I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. I could not sleep last night - no matter which way I laid, I could not get out of pain. My friend left me some anti-inflammatories - will try one of those!


Candy Minx said...

Aw, the kitty cat seems to have returned to childhood. So cute.

I hope the movie is very very funny. We are just finishing up the U.S. National Parks series. It's so good I love the small portraits of the people who influenced the history of the parks.

Have a great sleep!~

Biddie said...

I hope that you slept well. I slept in myself today and it was delightful :)
Is your shoulder still bothering you? I hope that you are feeling better and it really is just from sleeping the wrong way.
Lol at the kitty massage. All my cats do is eat my food and sleep on the clean laundry.