Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Hard Day's Night

Here I am hunkered up in my grandson's bunkbed with computer, hiding from football racket on TV. It wouldn't be bad, but it goes all day on into the night. I change it to my channel, leave room and its changed back to guest's channel. I turn off, walk away, its turned back on.

When alone, I have had the TV mostly off all the time except for a few choice shows when I am in my solitude. "H" is very happy, of course, to have male company to watch football with, in the living room at that! Bigger screen than is in male lair.

I might get attached to bunkbed lair. I've decided to put a poster on the bottom of the top bunk. And install a clip on light for reading. :) No TV here - but a hook up for video games on a screen.
I was going to move into "H's" lair for a week, but he looked at me with dazed eyes and said it was impossible to clean it up. Also he does not like to sleep with the lights out or the TV off, and I can't sleep with the TV and lights on. So I told him I would not be in his male quarters. Too much work, too little sleep. He concurred! I noticed it was also impossible for him to clean his bathroom up. So I dove in that room with disinfectant in one hand and papertowels in the other. Then settled into grandson's guest room. I gave the guests the master bedroom because they were looking at the air flight from Hades from our town to Wyoming, then a long at least three day drive to West Virginia. Like us, they ain't no spring chickens. (For the unintiated to country folk in the U.S. - it means they are getting, not old, but ripened, like us.)

Friends found second home (small mobile home) in a very beautiful area 25 minutes from here. They fell totally in love with the area. Papers signed already and they have their utilities all on except one. But they are still here at Casa ? Then they will go home Sat., drive to West Virginia to clean out his house, back to Wyoming, then down here after Christmas to spend winter.

I was supposed to show a water machine today, but "H" lost my demo equipment somewhere in the garage and swears he never saw it before. I am trying not to be short tempered. I am so overwhelmed with my stuff being lost so much of the time and it being physically impossible for me to lift boxes to search for it. Not a good way to run business.

Spent today resting after running guests ALL OVER the place for two days.

Still stressed out over my grandson's predicament. Can't help it I don't think - I am hardwired to think I should save the world, most especially grandkidz. Send good energy and/or prayers that he can stay the weekend so he can kick back and relax!

He is texting me about his injured tailbone now - must sign off.


Four Dinners said...

It'll all pan out babe me I'm from Oldham

Caz does the same when (proper) football is on here. She hides upstairs with a good book.

Ta for what yer said by the way x

tweetey30 said...

You have a lot on your plate like usual, Gardenia.. I am sending hugs from me and my girls.. You need to relax and just get some much 3 R's....

tshsmom said...

I agree! S needs a weekend of Grandma-lovin'!

Wandering Coyote said...

Wow, what a busy, hectic time. It sounds like having your own lair is a good thing. What is it with guys and their "man caves?" Women needs caves, too!

How annoying that H needs both the TV and the lights on to sleep. I would have started sleeping elsewhere from day 1!

Candy Minx said...

Hang in there...