Monday, November 30, 2009

Pretty Little Things

This is THE tree this year. A houseplant of sorts - some kind of fir that can go to the patio after Christmas. The soldier nutcracker reminds me to pray for soldiers during the holidays. Nevermore has taken his perch on the top so he can keep his eye on the festivities and whatever else is going on in his household.

I had two nice compliments today - haha, they may go to my head, if my head weren't obscured in the first picture post - one said we were a "hot" bunch of ladies. Then, another unrelated person called me "foxy" Alright! "H" and I were out to lunch during Christmas shopping when I picked up the first message and I burst out giggling while reading the post. He said he was flattered that someone thought he had good taste. We laughed a lot - it was nice.

We went Christmas shopping for the girls in the family, found a good underwear sale - never drag a man through the underwear section of Victoria's Secret. He got his present - LOVES Hawaiian shirts (not the cruise through VC) - and Tommy Bahama had a sale like I've never seen - so he's the proud owner of an awesome shirt for his Christmas present and a bargain to boot. (I have a surprise for him - a zebra print comforter set - something with our family - sort of like an "Elvis' jungle room syndrome.") He has a beautiful elephant vase with a tropical plant in it. So, didn't get it all done, but a good start.

I found a mega material store - also has any craft you could imagine and art supplies galore - could have spent a couple days in that store alone. I came home to root through my coupons so I can buy a canvas that is already half price - a fun wide one.

Had our annual Cajun lunch at our favorite place while Cajun Christmas carols played.

Was amazed my back held up although the pain got to a roaring point in the mall - malls are NOT my thing....but actually it wasn't bad today - except for the kiosks that smack of tourist row in a foreign country. Prices seem high in view of the economy, but didn't see many people carrying bags, either.

I hate leaving the house because of anxiety but when I go, its usually great - !!! Tomorrow hope to get some paperwork done, then finish the Leopard Skin Shoes - Christmas present for the daughter who gets to wear sexy shoes....I went through shoe sections in the stores - OH - they are pieces of sculpture - I LOVE the new shoes - wish I could wear them. If I can't I shall paint them.

Well, we have a movie on - going to watch it. I have laid off the popcorn, bought a new scale, and determined to lose some gained pounds - ai yi. The scale is too technical - it's like learning to operate a new cell phone almost.


tshsmom said...

I've never been able to keep a potted pine alive. However, I am hugely successful at planting them in my yard and nurturing them.

Wandering Coyote said...

I think the potted pine is a great idea instead of the full-on tree.

Speaking of great compliments: one of my curling teammates told me last night she thought I was 26! Made my night!

Four Dinners said...

I have a slight problemette.

Caz wants a 'real' tree.

I want a 'real' tree but we have a demented kitten in the house.

I'm convinced the daft thing will kill itself pulling a 'real' tree over.

It'll certainly pull it over any number of times!!!

I reckon we should 'bite the bullit' and get a small fake tree this year to ensure Maximus Spittimus does not inadvertantly commit Hari Kari with the aid of a Christmas Tree.

What do you think?

Caz will be directed here to read your opinion.

(I'm a right little shit ain't I?)....;-)

Milla said...

What a beautiful xmas tree!

I use my ficus benjamin as a xmas tree: a few red boubles and it's done. This year I think i will get away with NOT doing anything in my house in the UK, as I'm leaving well before xmas starts! But then again, with my family in Italy it will be a full blown xmas party... oh the gods!

tweetey30 said...

I have our dilaptated tree up and my garland and ornaments.. I have the holiday candles burning to bring in happy smells..

Gardenia said...

I had a kitten once that pulled a tree over - luckily kitten wasn't injured, but tree was dreadfully injured. Some kittuhs born to climb trees - swinging balls too irresistible - of any kind, LOL!

Coyote - way ta go. Maybe we're regressing instead of getting older,haha!

Milla, have super holiday - hope Nevermore gets to you before you go - haven't rcd container yet!

tshmom - hope it will make the transition ok - Norfolk Pines don't like touched, let alone lights, bulbs, fake birds....

tweety - I like the tried and true - I miss my other oranaments already - but this was sooo much less work - as garage is turned upside down and not sure where everything is to put together our other tree.

Milla said...

Gardenia, send Nevermore at my place of work and they will keep it safe until I get back.

Bloody British postal service!!! How can it take more than 10 days for something to cross the Atlantic? Especially since I sent it via air mail.