Friday, November 27, 2009

Life and Loss, Good and Evil

Shaquille ONeal is a sweetheart - in response to news of the death of a five year old girl, sold into white slavery, subsequently prostituted and murdered, he paid for her funeral.
Another sad story - these things hurt my heart so much.....and make me wonder about the meaning of life despite my faith.
The child was sold or traded for drugs according to one news story, by her mother. I don't understand how a mother could do such things to her child. Another day in which I don't like the world.
Well, I'm going to Walmart to return videos and come home and do art. It's actually cold here, am going to turn on the furnace! Er - cold by my definition. I am also cold because I am being very careful of what I eat and the chills indicate a need for carbs - but I will conquer this demon screaming in my head...."eat pie, eat cookies, eeeeeaaaaat!" Finally returning to exercise after the flu bout. Was invited to see a film at a friend's house - but I'm soooo cold and its dark and I want to run home, put the rest of my groceries away and ........
Judging from the amount of pain I still experience from time to time, I really need to stick to the plan of getting the rest of the weight off - it's made a huge difference. I know its bad when I'm looking at the Christmas ads and a purple walker with a seat and basket jumps on my "like" list. I'm the woman who refused to ride the carts in Walmart when I could barely walk when my back was so bad and I'm looking at a walker.....but it was purple.
That must have been why.
"H" is worried about my yearning for a bicycle - he thinks I could be accident prone and it isn't a good idea to go bike riding when you're 64. My medicare card arrived. I am stunned. Not sure how that happened (getting this old). My brain isn't old, my mind isn't old. And actually, compared to many my age, my body is not that old either. It's all a piece of paper. Er.........
I spent the entire afternoon at the car dealership - my car was very sick, last night it was screaming - I was scared, seeing big monies flying away when I need to buy Christmas presents. The bill was to be minimum $260.00 - turns out it was a defect that they have attempted to fix twice prior, and they charged me nothing - not even the $80.00 diagnostic fee. Yes! There is good in the world.
Thanksgiving was good - time with family was good.
Oh, rats - I see from the preview that I need to enter code to get paragraphs, but I must return those videos so I'm going to be lazy. Sorry.


tshsmom said...

That baby's death really hit me hard too! I've never been able to understand how anyone can look into a child's eyes and deliberately hurt them. Children are so trusting and rely on us for everything. How can someone betray that trust?!

I guarantee you that my Mom's pies will cure you of carb cravings FOREVER! ;)

Gardenia said...

LOL - does your mom do any mailing of her pies?

Children are trafficked for sex all over the world, the U.S. is no exception - it just freaks me out - I think people that do this to kids deserve instant execution.

tshsmom said...

You won't need her to mail you the real thing after you look at the pictures on my blog. Mom USED to be a wonderful baker. Now she is clueless. :(