Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day Before Thanksgiving

Despite being totally exhausted, "H" (for hubby) and I went shopping for a tree - decided I wanted a "real" one this year. However, we were quite taken by the lighted palm tree, but not the price. For an insane moment we considered it, but decided that kind of money would be better put somewhere else, but still.....we would have left it up all year round, it was a magnificent palm and rather cheeky. It badly needed its branches adjusted, but "H" drew the line at me climbing up on the display to "fix" them.

My oil pastels arrived - they are like perfect chocolate - creamy and easily blended - and fine jewelry could not come in a more pretty box. Now, I need to see if I can fix the mess I made of "Leopard Skin Shoes."

My kitties - they are driving me nuts - I need to arrange some play dates or something for them, they are at my feet or my side at all times. Aren't cats supposed to be independent?

Then, I walked the edges of the swamp yesterday for just a while - the days have been so beautiful and a wide range of wild flowers were blooming - however the mist and my camera phone weren't cooperating - I lust, lust after a super camera.

Next, Happy Thanksgiving for those who are celebrating tomorrow - and if not celebrating - everyone have a super rest of week.

I'm cooking this afternoon (I think) - part of it done yesterday, then tomorrow we are going to younger daughter's house - where her "H" will do most of cooking (oh, yay, he is proving to be quite a good cook) and my oldest daughter will come with older grandkids - and we hopefully, if our physical condition allows us - will hit "Black Friday" somewhat - I want to get my oldest daughter some sexy boots for Christmas, have already bought youngest daughter and family presents - the older grandkids I'm getting them some prepaid charge cards and small trinkets to open - -

The tree - we bought a 4 foot fir tree - a houseplant which in Florida will also grow nicely on the patio. Environmentally friendly - now to get a still tired "H" to get decorations out of garage when he gets off work - maybe I can ply him with food......

Finally fixed the paragraph problem with some html code - nice to know the blogspot will now take html codes!!! I'll have to dig the recesses of my memory, might be able to have some fun with that!


Milla said...

Your cats are carrying out the plan I have for myself this week-end: SLEEP!

And I have found with Pisko that it's not always true cats are independent creatures: he follows me around everywhere I go! And if I sit down at the computer, he comes adn sits right beside me, and falls asleep with his paw on my thigh! Such a sweetie he is.

Gardenia said...

My cats do the same - is the paw a sign of love, or are they saying "You belong to me, and ONLY me?"