Tuesday, April 04, 2006

National Crime Victims Week/Month

Have you ever needed flowers really badly? And there has been no one to "hint" to, and even if if you had someone to hint to, you wouldn't get any until they were on sale? Well, tonight I needed flowers. And I needed them NOW! (Yes, my husband has been known to send me roses, often before I began this Wyoming jaunt. In fact these are a bouquet he gave me, being recycled just for tonight!)

(So, I sent them to myself through this blog.)

What a rough day with the Commissioners. It is one thing to be a victim of blatant gender discrimination, but another to be a victim of gender discrimination when a man doesn't know what he's doing. But then there are some that know what they are doing - like the married guy who states he wants "lots of girl friends, and I would name them Number One, and Number Two, and so on." What does that say about this man?

The gender bias toward women elected officials is becoming so obvious that people from outside attending the meetings are making remarks about it. It is even more obvious when it prevents one from doing their work to the best, and affects ones' wages. The irony is that the Commissioners signed a resolution in support of "National Crime Victims" month today.

What is crime? Is it minor crime when 4 women leave the meeting crying? And what happens if we are tough enough not to cry, but to attempt to defend ourselves: A well known fact, we then move over into the "B......" category in many men's minds.

Age discrimination also took place today. A 28-year old who came in with a mini (both top and bottom) skirt on and tight blouse, with the required thong obvious when she sat down pretty much skated through the meeting with grinning Commissioners being very kind and solicitous. Hmmmmm....interesting. Her boss followed her, ogling, instead of being embarrassed at being represented by an inappropriately dressed "secretary." You guessed it. She wasn't the one receiving the discrimination - or was she? Who wants favors because of sexuality and skimpy clothing? How about abilities and accomplishments? Guys, we like to be treated nice because we are women or even, try -- another human being, but not because we are sexual objects only. Is that a revelation? Or can you even hear it? Or maybe you don't care. I am hoping you are ruled by your heart rather than - - - - well you know.

Is the wage thing a hangover from the days where "women belonged in the home?" The man came home and gave the little lady barely enough to feed the family and ok's the purchase of a dress or household item. Complete control? Nearly. I thought this was the 21st Century. Those days are over - our economy just about dictates that women have to work, albiet for lower wages for the same job that men perform. Ironic, it seems, in a State that first "allowed" women to vote - hmmmm, what is wrong to begin with, that women have to be "allowed" to vote. Men, how would you like to be "allowed" to vote?

A State that witnessed the cruelest manner of murder of a gay man, because he was gay and liked nice clothes, yet still remains prejudiced, a State that a municipal representative can ignorantly say about the some residents of New Orleans, "they could have walked out." And, "They should all go back to where the came from." First if the "representative" (are you proud, Wyoming?) had ever been to New Orleans, and looked to see how the city and highways were laid out, and the distances involved, he would know how ignorant that remark was. But would he even care? Maybe he was/is proud of his ignorance. Secondly, we all came from somewhere, except the American Indian that we practiced genocide upon, so maybe we should go back to where we came from. Sorry Wyoming, I know that you don't have the monopoly on these "crimes" against humanity, I've seen it elsewhere, but today because I am smarting from the stings, I want to stand in your streets and cry, "Shame, shame, shame!".

What, I wonder, would a world be like without hate, without crimes, without prejudice against anyone over 40, people of color, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender differences, beatings, intimidations, cruelty against women and children, just because they are physically weaker more often than men? Don't they realize if men conquered the demons within them, or channeled the urge to conquer those weaker or different than themselves to something productive, that they would become heros? Maybe then we could even put an end to poverty and war? (men, in general, you know your hearts, if this isn't you, then you ARE my hero.)

The two most wonderful things that can be taught to children are to be kind, but to be able to defend themselves against the hatred in the world. And when all else fails - foregiveness. Although forgiveness does not include a carte blanche for abusers to keep on abusing.

Here's for National Crime Victims Week/Month! As well as signing a proclamation, shall we start in our own backyards, our own homes, our own relationships, our own sphere of influence, our own hearts?

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Hattigrace said...

Until the Prince of Peace returns, will there be any peace on this earth? Lots of love to you!