Monday, April 17, 2006


ACKKK ACKKKK ACKKK have picked up a virus, I think from my innocent grandchildren. ACKKK. I can't download or upload a thing anywhere except AOL. I have some suspicions that AOL is the virus, rather than the granchilluns. I swore I would never use it again --- I did, now my computer doesn't work right again. Coincidence?

Ahhh, mutiny on the bounty at work. Peace was short-lived. Oh , for the priviledge of firing someone's buTT!

Snowing here, big flakes, went to work in open toe birkies, a light sweater. Came home with wet toes but I did remember my wool babushka scarf from Russia. At least I was warm and dry on mah haid.

Casper - green, warm, trees budding - back here to the Continental Divide - butt cold, snowing, all brown.

Hmmmm, you know I don't remember dying those kitties. Was it perhaps in the big hippie house in Iowa? We sure did grow garden there, didn't we? I made saurkraut and wanted to make headcheese, but couldn't find a hawg's head anywhere. Remember the pumpkin patch and taking all the little ones to run amok and choose pumpkins we could hardly carry?


Vicki said...

I am home with a virus, too!! But not in my computer, hak hak.

Oh, how I loved that house in Roland. That big porch, and a kitchen sooo big you could make fruitcake, candles, crochet, cook dinner and chase four little children round and round.

Sweet potato pie, and roasting hot dogs outside over a fire from leaves and twigs that we played in all day long.

Seems so simple back then, doesn't it?

Gardenia said...

ya think it was simple maybe because we were in poverty? seems like there was more pleasure...

ha, remember them orange pies, sweet potatoes, squash - the kids thought they were pumpkin and ate thier veggies willingly.

Hattigrace said...

Hate those viruses. Computer or head colds. All bad!

Love sweet potato pie. My mother made one for Thanksgiving one year as she was horrified her pantry did not hold the expected can of pumpkin! We would never have known the difference, except she was so proud/happy her innovation saved the day!