Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hope everyone who is reading this will have a meaningful Easter.

I'm off to my mother's house but wistfully wish I were home dying eggs with my grandchilluns'. Its warm in the South and I'm cold, and tired of feeling suffocated in layers of clothing.

In this high plateau it takes spring longer to arrive than the rest of the state, and summer leaves more quickly. I am determined to enjoy it when it gets here. Perhaps when I reach the end of that bubble that seems to isolate this town, green will greet me? Maybe?

The antelopes know it is spring - they are all out in droves, grazing the new growth that only they can see. Soon they will be fat. I wish I could get a close up of one of these graceful creatures for you, but they are so shy!

This photo above is my digitally mastered, pink manipulated spring? tree to express my joy at the coming spring. (This is as close to azaeleas as I can get right now!) This is "springtime in the Rockies."



Hattigrace said...

So when you come to Pcola, let's go get a mararita together! Or better yet, come to my front porch, rock on my mother's rockers and we can have a glass/bottle of wine together?

Happy Easter. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow. . .

But I do NOT get that you seem to have no privacy in your apt. Yikes. Love, lots, hg

Vicki said...

Wish you were here, too Sisty. Purple rhodie and red azaelea in bloom. Tulip festival in progress.
Do you remember dyeing two white kittens pink and blue in celebration of Easter long past??

You my sweet sister are a BCM. Baaad Cat Magnet!! Irving??
I remember when we were kids dressing old Puss up as a doll. SHE was a good cat!!

Maybe a bottle of wine and some fresh salmon some day in the future?? Missing you,