Saturday, April 22, 2006

Face to Face

I don't know why my son seems to be enveloping me these past days, perhaps he is trying to say something to me. So I go back to the book he wrote for words from him and feel full of gratefulness for the relationship he had with God.

Here is his poem: "Face to Face" inspired by lst Corinthians 3:12. (Dang it, tears are messing up my makeup!)

I think of Rod's words, "Oh, Spirit, take me," as his longing to be enveloped by the Holy One cries out through the words of the poem..............

Someone said the worst thing that could happen to a parent happened to me - no, not the worst thing.......the worst thing would be losing a child and not knowing what his relationship was with the Lord.

Yeshua, Great Jehovah, Yahweh, with your flowing spirit, rolling across eternity as a vast ocean wave, I am beginning to see you as you are.

Passing, passing, into a weightlessness, drifting, drifting towards a destination that shall swallow this small spirit in blinding light, all consuming light, engulfing me, every fiber with blurring love.

"Oh, Spirit, take me," sings my soul, as one sweetly melting, blending...into a deep, luminous mist.

I can taste your water of life from which I am destined to drink, as I become more like the All-Father.

Across the Rivers of Foreverness I now walk, hand in hand with He who holds the seven stars, towards a place of no recall.

Soon to be glorified as a million splitting atoms in a fervent fusion of souls.

Yes, Jehova Rapha, let it be as You have predestined of eternity past, that I and my kind after your seed, may return to the Heart of Hearts, Soul of Souls.


truth said...

I came to your blog via another and would love to read this post. However, the print is so light I cannot make out one word. Scrolling down your blog I can read most of the other colors with the exception of this one. Please post it in a color that others can read.

truth said...

Thanks! I just read your son's poem. Right before I did, I got a phone call that a friend (I haven't heard from in several years.) She just lost her son-at age 29. The funeral is tomorrow. I don't think it was an accident that I happened on your blog when I did.

Hattigrace said...

Beautiful. I cannot imagine how your heart must ache and yearn for him.