Thursday, April 12, 2007

Barricades to a good night's sleep

The name of the spy book is "Sisterhood of Spies" by Elizabeth McIntosh! Just found the book on

This working is kicking my you know what! And I'm wondering if I will ever get it. I made it through Algebra by living in the lab. I'm not dumb, just slightly math impaired. I feel like ducking and running, but how will I pay for these silly meds?

What's new? Psycho bought home a half decapitated baby rabbit and laid it on our doorstep. What is that - a cat thing? And I thought in the cat kingdom that the girls hunted to feed the boys - so what's a boy cat doing hunting sweet little baby rabbits? He's a werecat, that's what. He is a lanky sort of teenage cat that likes to tumble and also be alpha. Now he's not only up against a cranky old Maine Coon, Big Mamma, aka, Miss Meowi is a bossy ol' gal and the two older cats beat up on him something fearful. Maybe the rabbit was a peace offering. Poor thing.

I need a place to sleep. This house has three TV's all simultaneously playing all night long. Drives me wacko. The couch in the room without TV doesn't feel good on my back. Actually no couch does it for me for my night sleep. My friend suggests a Murphy bed. I've seen some really sexy setups complete with computer space but they are expensive and I only have three walls, one of them being not large enough to pop one down I don't think. The do it yourself Murphy is not in my line of expertise. I can't even get people around here to pick their clothes and trash up off the floor let alone build me a Murphy bed. I'm thinking about getting a blow up bed - hahah, with air that is. But explosives are tempting.

If I weren't working, it would be better. I would turn off the TVs when he goes to work and go back to bed and get some sleep.

Tried the black eye mask and ear plugs, but then I can't hear my alarm go off and hubby is not only a snorer with the same decible level as a moving train, but a kicker, jerker, and whapper. (Yes, I KNOW he has sleep apnea, but to admit it would mean he would have to do something about it and THAT is definitely not a subject to bring up.) A bed to sleep a good night's sleep in, besides my friends and the scenery and wildlife, and my mother are the few good reasons I miss Wyoming at times.

Maybe will go look at daybeds for the study, but even daybeds take up inordinate amounts of room. I googled for "alternative sleeping spaces" and I really like the resort in Hawaii. Sounds good to me.

Oh sigh, I wish I could write intelligent and lofty posts like Candy Minx and "Voyages..."


Wandering Coyote said...

What you need to do is tell your husband to turn the effing TV off while you're trying to sleep. What gives? You shouldn't have to put up with this.

Karen said...

Intelligent and lofty? Thank you for the compliment sweety, but, oh my that's a lot to live up to.

And I'm with Coyote, why on earth are these tv's on all night long? The husband and the rest of the family should show you some consideration and turn them off or down to a reasonable level. Have they gotten off their healthy butts and started helping you around the house yet?

tshsmom said...

Try setting the sleep timer on the TV; that's what I do. I need something mindless to lull me to sleep, so I use a mindless TV show.

I can empathize with having a restless bed partner. L has restless leg syndrome and jerks and kicks most nights.
Maybe we should move our guys in together and let them drown in their own filth?

d34dpuppy said...

tha cat was bringin u a love gift. tell those guys 2 watch tv tha way i do wi captions i dunt think it lets me do sign in here r u has 2 has that font 4 it 2 show up it is gallaudet if u wanna dl it
iu rnot a clod either tacara u

Hattigrace said...

r u cmg 2 tha women's xpo?

Ya Think? said...

I agree that people need to be more thoughtful. When I get this place a little more done, there will always be a getaway for you here when you need a break.

Pickled Olives said...

Instead of investing in a bed, why not invest in those cordless headphones so everyone watching TV can do so quietly? Just a thought. Try a feather or hypo allergenic matress pad over the bed you are using, you might find that way more comfy too. And a lot cheaper.

I like your writing.

Gardenia said...

Ah ha - cordless earphones! I will investigate quickly. I think our TV's are so old that they don't have timers - I will check that also - LOL, can you see it - 3 a.m. - he's watching TV, and POP - off it goes. Tee hee. (I quit throwing fits after I reclaimed the study - too soon maybe)

Ya know, in thinking this over - it all boils down to living together - if you live with people you can't live as if you are the only one there - so then talking and compromise is in order. Then we get to the area of family dysfunction. Ooops - naughty word

Tis so very interesting - things are ignored and go on until I throw a FIT and then changes are made for approximately 4 days and then back to "normal." It's like a game. I feel as if I let the kids down by not being much tougher on them and "training" them. I've considered the possibility and so has she, that oldest daughter has that psych disorder - about organizing, order - yet she's very organized in her profession. Go figure.

Actually I sort of lust after one of those big plasma TV babies. Its kinda like coffee - if I watch TV, I want it to be a quality thing (like a great cup of coffee) quality to me I mean - like "Medium" - maybe not to the next person - just to keep it on to watch out of boredom seems to drain my energy. But as much as I WANT it, it is down on the list of priorities....sigh.

Hattigrace said...

I LIKE your posts! You are wonderful you.

Did ya read the health section of paper today??

So happy yer back is better!

Red said...

I truly believe that all these little dead animals are our feline friends' way of thanking us for looking after them. We provide for them, and when they can, they are happy to share the fruit of their hunts with us. I think there's a lot of love in it. Which is why, no matter how revolted I am whenever I find half-chewed corpses in the house, I always praise my boy and tell him he is a fearsome hunter. But I'm not sure that cats would do that sort of thing to ingratiate themselves with another cat. Some kind of "I wanna be in your gang" bribe? Who knows? Weirder things have been known to happen...

And by the way, my lovely dad used to do the earphone thing too!

Candy Minx said...

Yep, earphones for the tv...but why can't your partner watch tv in the living room? And you NOTH go to bed without a tv on?

Tell your hubby that his snoring is a sign of heart attacks, maybe then he will go and get weight loss and doctors opinion?

Maybe you do need a day bed situation. That is if there is no agreement to take the tv out of the bedroom. I love falling alseep to the tv and having it on...but that was when I was single and it has been shown to disrupt sleep. Very bad.

Thank you for the beautiful compliment...but I don't think I am lofty and I don't want to be lifty...and besides don't we all slip around somewhere between "heavy" and funny and deep and mundane in our days and notes? We're a little of everything no?

tshsmom said...

Fits tend to build up when we're sleep-deprived. :(
LOL, your household sounds so much like ours! The only difference is that L's bad habits improve for a couple of months after a hissy-fit, instead of only 4 days. Maybe your hubby has ADD? ;)

Gardenia said...

Well, adolescent cat had neatly decapitated rabbit - a little skinning and it would have been fit for a skewer and the barbecue. Gosh who knows what goes through their minds - he also pees on my daughter's (she adores him) clothing when he gets a chance and doesn't have his tranqs (we use a lot of "Oxy") Perhaps he considers her his true love? Haha, I used to have this HUGE tom that adored me, and he would pee on hubby's pillow. We would go to bed at night, and I'd say, "That dang cat has peed behind the bed...." Until the day I went to change the bedding - and the pillowcase my hubby was sleeping on was gag material - naughty me, I laughed so hard I almost fell off the bed......the eccentric little beasties they are.

Sorry folks - too dang tahrd tonight to post.

Biddie said...

I've been gone for so long. There seems to be too much to get caught up on.
You're having difficulty sleeping? That blows. I use ear plugs, and even with my hearing loss, I can still hear the alarm. That's about it, though.
Timers are a great idea for the tv's. I had an air bed that was wonderful. It was as high as a 'real' bed, and it was like sleeping on well, air. Wonderful. Then my kids discovered that it also made a wonderful indoor trampoline.
Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Lee said...

You poor thing! You sound a bit manic! I get this way when short on sleep too.

I dunno about cats, but my dog likes to go outside and roll in the deer poo. It totally blows.