Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Women in War

Just had a scare about as bad as coming close to death with a blood clot hitting the lung! I downloaded a "pack" of programs including the new Adobe reader 8 as I thought version 8 might help inordinately slow times for PDF files to load. Ooops - fatal errors popping up. Then computer freezes. Time and again. So vast wails of praying and hours later, I think I have "removed" the offending downloads - one of them being a Spyware program billed as "the best." Once that was out, she started cookin' again.

Scared me because I think all my software is packed somewhere, who knows where and a wipe out and reload would not be an option.

HNR - the little initials they use to decide if your blood is ok enough not to worry too much about THE clot - is still not where it should be by a long shot. I'm about to put out another $200.00 on more thinners. Finally got the doc to respond and look at the labs.

I met a woman at the back pain clinic today that is reading a book about the role of women spys (OSS) in World War II. Turns out she is a professor and is creating a class about women in war through the last century. Or something like that - doesn't that sound fun? She is going to loan me the book. When I get the title, I'll post it up.

Going to spend time with family now.......oops, one more computer thing - I realized how much I hate IE now - I downloaded Firefox and it has the window where you can actually see the complete URL and it is much faster than IE. For whatever its worth.


Hattigrace said...

I met some very interesting people at back clinic, too! Isn't it a pleasant experience? Say hi to everyone for me! Will be at Gulf Coast Women's Expo this weekend. Salon has a booth!

d34dpuppy said...

i has firefox 4evah no i cant hear tha waves 4 yrs eaither

Candy Minx said...

Now that you like firefox...go check out the site "stumble upon" they gather all kinds of super cool websites and art!

I am glad you are feeling better and the scare has passed.

I love everything to do with spies, especially women spies, make sure to let us know the title!

Pickled Olives said...

We are looking at hitting the spy museum in DC next week. I always thought spys were cool growing up. Can't wait to see the book title.

Red said...

* uses Firefox and quite likes it. Me, I'm a Safari girl through and through!

My chest just tightened just reading about your computer woes. I had a scare myself last week, and I'm only breathing again because of a kind and handy husband and a very old computer that was already boxed up, ready to be sold (or swapped for beads and candy, since it's about five years old). Still, it came out of that box, booted back up and has been fine since (touch wood).

ldbug said...

That sounds like a fun book!

mister anchovy said...

i like firefox a lot. tuffy p prefers safari.

tshsmom said...

After our last bout with spyware, Z turned us on to Firefox. We've been spyware free ever since!